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I'm usually one of those typical Capricorns...practical to the hilt. So when I volunteered to write for the New York Team blog, I decided that for each post, I'd interview some kind of expert in the marketing, business or SEO fields, as a means to better serve the team, and, of course, myself! Practical, right?

So far it's been great, as each expert has offered some incredible advice, but for today's post, I decided to take a stroll through the New York Team's items, just to see what would pop out at me. As I'm always on the hunt for inspiration, I just randomly clicked on a few shops, and these incredible finds spoke out loud and clear!

"Pink Rose" by Kelley Gudahl

How could I start my stroll without first stopping at the shop of our fearless team captain, Kelley Gudahl. Wow! What a wonderful springtime gift this rose from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens would make. It's an 8x12 matted photograph printed on high quality Kodak Endura Last paper in Lustre finish. Print is matted in an 12x16 antique white mat. Beautiful!

"Grasshopper" by Kim Piotrowski

Kim's avatar immediately caught me, so I had to look at her shop, Kipi, and it didn't disappoint! This piece, "Grasshopper," is an original gouache painting on antique book paper, measuring 7.5x5. Her whole shop is a color explosion, just like this one. It was hard to pick which one I liked best!

"Same Sex Wedding Card" by ShirlBCreations.

OK, I guess it's pretty obvious at this point that I like art. As with Kim, I couldn't resist Shirley's avatar and so had to take a peek into her shop, which is just stuffed with incredibly adorable images, like this one, her "Same Sex Wedding Card," which measures 5x7. Each piece is more whimsical than the next. Stop by for some unique finds!

"Purple and Pink Fun Owl Felt Hair Clip" by BrooklynOwl

This so-cute-it-hurts item is the "Purple and Pink Fun Owl Felt Hair Clip" by BrooklynOwl. Clip measures approximately 1.75in by 2.25in. and is entirely hand sewn with high quality USA made felt. Shop owner Annie Bruce says her items are a tribute to her little girl, who fell in love with owls at the Prospect Park Zoo. Stop by her shop and fall in love with THESE owls.

Wrist Cuffs from dslookkin

These wrist cuffs from dslookkin are just so original! I'm not even sure what they are or why I need them, but I want them. I'll let Dawn Stewart-Lookkin explain them: "Make a statement with this unusual cuff/bracelet for summer! I crocheted this original vegan acrylic pink and orange cuff with a 'rib cage' feel making it both light weight and stylish. This unusual cuff is connected in a circle though it appears to be made of multiple 'bangles' of various width. It's perfect for art openings, farmer's markets and work affairs. I made this one for medium/large hands/wrists and will stretch just a tiny bit."  Well said, Dawn. They're now in my favorites, as are all these other items! Thanks, ladies!

Until next time!
Mary Ann

The "Popgirl" Pendant by maryannfarley

Is it really the end of December already?

8x10 print by MyZoetrope

Wow - what a year it has been! I can honestly say that 2011 has been one of the most exhausting, and rewarding years of my life. Even though it was 11 months ago, it seems like just yesterday that I joined
this lovely group of crafters, artists and designers I now call my NewNew family! In this short time I have met some of the most talented people in all of New York! Each one of you has taught me something great, and for that I am so very thankful!

Here's a recap of what I've been up to over the year (not including any of my day job festivities).

February - Joined the {NewNew}. I am forever changed.

April - Sold at my first ever street fair, and I was hooked. I quickly booked up my weekends, effectively writing off my favorite weekend pastime of lazy Sunday brunches.

May - Joined the {NewNew} board of directors as a Co-Director of Marketing alongside the talented Jason from Merrimack and Monitor.

June - Quickly learned how dependent the Williamsburg Flea is on the L train running. Goodness I hate weekend subway construction!

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Unedited photo, by me

July - Headed to Colorado for a wedding and fell in love with the beautiful scenery!

September - Sent to France on a street style fashion photo project for Samsung Camera. You can check it out here. I even get my own feature!

October/November/December - Opened up An Etsy Artist Assembly at the Dekalb Market with nine other talented NewNew team members and sold at a market every available weekend I had. Needless to say, I AM EXHAUSTED!

With 2011 being such a big and demanding year for me, I'm hoping 2012 brings a little relaxation (well, at least in January!) and a lot of fun.

Small grey hand crocheted bow-tie by D.S.Lookkin

I'm sure all of you have had equally as busy years so, go ahead, put on your best heels or bow-tie and celebrate what's to come in 2012! Happy New Year to you all!

Kelley// www.kgudahl.etsy.com

Sending Out Christmas Cards

This time of the year I get that spoof Christmas song in my head based on the 12 Days of Christmas. You know it...the 12 Pains of Christmas. The Fourth thing at Christmas that's such a pain to most people is sending Christmas cards.

What? Why?! Obviously as a stationery maker, I look forward to sending AND receiving holiday cards, but I can understand...it's one more thing to do & an easy one to leave to the last minute. So! Here are some quick ways to get them done - all great cards that you can print at home!

Printable Christmas Card - Bird Wreath Greeting with Personalization Option


Last Chance Printable Christmas Cards DIY Digital File Deer Reindeer Antlers Woodland

Custom Printable Christmas Card Design

Sending Smiles :: Holiday Photo Cards

The above screen shot is of THIS treasury I did a few weeks ago. All of the items featured are photo holiday cards that you can print yourself. That's what I'm doing! Well, that's what I'm doing in the sense that I am taking my thumbdrive to CVS up the street & getting 5 x 7 prints made. Want to see??

{design by me, photo by NewNew member Kelley Gudahl}

Now all you need are envelopes! Hope your holidays are Merry & Bright!


Let's learn something!

Here at the {NewNew} we're a pretty big group. At nearly 200 members, we also carry a pretty diverse skill set. To better tap into the collective wealth of knowledge, we've started a monthly workshop that will

Lori gives us a dose of Etsy SEO. She's what many would call brilliant!
photo cred: MiniatureRhino

cover a different topic each time. So far we've had a workshop on "Improving Your Etsy Sales," led by Lori from Lennymud, "Social Media and How You Should use it to Grow Your Business" led by yours truly, and just this week Jason from Merrimack and Monitor led a very informative discussion on "Building Your Own Website." Building a website can be an extremely daunting task, but Jason laid it out and made sure we had the step by step instructions on how to do it properly. He even willingly shared some mistakes he's made in building his site so we could learn from them. Thanks again Jason for such a wonderful workshop! You can check out Jason's website here. (I would like to note that I took most of the photos on his site - team collaborations at it's best! ) 

In the future we have workshops lined up covering a bunch of topics including graphic design, wholesale,  photography, and many more. I am curious if our readers would be interested in our workshops and which topics you would like to see covered. Is this something you would find useful? Let me know what kind of workshop you'd like to attend in the comment section below!


Shake it like a Polaroid

I love photos...I can't resist snapping them and everywhere I go I am capturing something...

Did you know that The {NewNew} has some seriously talented photographers on the team…? These adventurers capture the moment in their fine art prints that range from street art to landscapes to still life and even underwater photography, their photos are sure to impress.

...here are some of my favorites, sure to put a smile on your face!!

Deborah, from DeborahJulian.etsy.com, took this photo in Prague and it has been shown in galleries in NY and NJ.

Kelly, from kgudahl.etsy.com, took this lovely photo in Sheep's Meadow in Central Park on a stunning summer day!

Kelly, from ApertureAgog.etsy.com, captures NYC street art and graffiti in her fine art prints. I love this photo for reminding me...'It's OK'.

Terence, from ZahnerPhoto.etsy.com, focuses on underwater photography who says his vision is "preserving fragile, fleeting moments of natural beauty".

Angel, from AstrOdub.etsy.com, captures the beauty of what she calls "...ordinary and forgotten buildings..." around NYC. She says she takes photos of "anything that makes me stop dead on my tracks".

Jennifer, from bubbaandboo.etsy.com, creates modern hip wall art using photos she takes around NYC. This one "B is for Bike" is so vibrant and fun!
Want to see more work by these and more {NewNew} photographers? Search on Etsy.com using the keyword 'newnewteam', then narrow down by category choosing Art -> Photography.

Or, click --> here !!


Handmade Bags & Accessories

Get Fruitful with the {NewNew}!

In true NYC fashion, we went directly from winter to summer. One of my favorite things about summer is FRUIT! I am crazy about berries, cherries, and peaches. There is nothing quite so excellent as biting into a luscious strawberry or peach or as disappointing as finding them tasteless or mealy. For me, a perfect fruit salad consists of orange segments, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries and peaches. And then with a little vanilla yogurt mixed in? Heaven! Ooh, I can't wait to visit the farmers' market! So being in a fruity state of mind, I thought it might be fun to see how our talented artists and crafters have been inspired by fruit!

Look at this adorable banana bag charm by Dessert First Designs. Judging by her shop name, I'd say this crafter has her priorities straight!
Strawberries are excellently represented by Mulry Jewels Swarovski pendant.
hycCreatives has these beautiful pear blossom letter-pressed note cards
I love the gorgeous greens in The Honey P1e Tree's zippered pouch.

Having kgudahl's matted cherry blossom photo on your wall will put you in a spring state of mind all year round!
What summer fruits are you dreaming of?

Until next time, say hello to the dang pansies!