Is it really the end of December already?

8x10 print by MyZoetrope

Wow - what a year it has been! I can honestly say that 2011 has been one of the most exhausting, and rewarding years of my life. Even though it was 11 months ago, it seems like just yesterday that I joined
this lovely group of crafters, artists and designers I now call my NewNew family! In this short time I have met some of the most talented people in all of New York! Each one of you has taught me something great, and for that I am so very thankful!

Here's a recap of what I've been up to over the year (not including any of my day job festivities).

February - Joined the {NewNew}. I am forever changed.

April - Sold at my first ever street fair, and I was hooked. I quickly booked up my weekends, effectively writing off my favorite weekend pastime of lazy Sunday brunches.

May - Joined the {NewNew} board of directors as a Co-Director of Marketing alongside the talented Jason from Merrimack and Monitor.

June - Quickly learned how dependent the Williamsburg Flea is on the L train running. Goodness I hate weekend subway construction!

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Unedited photo, by me

July - Headed to Colorado for a wedding and fell in love with the beautiful scenery!

September - Sent to France on a street style fashion photo project for Samsung Camera. You can check it out here. I even get my own feature!

October/November/December - Opened up An Etsy Artist Assembly at the Dekalb Market with nine other talented NewNew team members and sold at a market every available weekend I had. Needless to say, I AM EXHAUSTED!

With 2011 being such a big and demanding year for me, I'm hoping 2012 brings a little relaxation (well, at least in January!) and a lot of fun.

Small grey hand crocheted bow-tie by D.S.Lookkin

I'm sure all of you have had equally as busy years so, go ahead, put on your best heels or bow-tie and celebrate what's to come in 2012! Happy New Year to you all!