Let's learn something!

Here at the {NewNew} we're a pretty big group. At nearly 200 members, we also carry a pretty diverse skill set. To better tap into the collective wealth of knowledge, we've started a monthly workshop that will

Lori gives us a dose of Etsy SEO. She's what many would call brilliant!
photo cred: MiniatureRhino

cover a different topic each time. So far we've had a workshop on "Improving Your Etsy Sales," led by Lori from Lennymud, "Social Media and How You Should use it to Grow Your Business" led by yours truly, and just this week Jason from Merrimack and Monitor led a very informative discussion on "Building Your Own Website." Building a website can be an extremely daunting task, but Jason laid it out and made sure we had the step by step instructions on how to do it properly. He even willingly shared some mistakes he's made in building his site so we could learn from them. Thanks again Jason for such a wonderful workshop! You can check out Jason's website here. (I would like to note that I took most of the photos on his site - team collaborations at it's best! ) 

In the future we have workshops lined up covering a bunch of topics including graphic design, wholesale,  photography, and many more. I am curious if our readers would be interested in our workshops and which topics you would like to see covered. Is this something you would find useful? Let me know what kind of workshop you'd like to attend in the comment section below!