How To: Create a Vision Board of your Dreams

Louise with her Vision Board for 2011

Have you created your 2011 Vision Board yet?

If not or you have no idea what a Vision Board is, read this "How To" post to start attracting the life of your dreams. No matter where you are now, using a vision board can help you focus and attract all the right things into your life in a fun creative way! Download this FREE info sheet to find out more.

Materials Needed
  • Thick card or poster board of any size. 
  • Magazines of all kinds (you never know where your visions will be found)
  • Glue – I like to use acrylic medium which is what I use in my mixed media creations – you can also use elmers glue or a regular glue stick.
  • White sage (optional)
  • Your favorite music – something restful to help your mind be quiet and open.
  • You can also do this alone, with family or a group of friends. 
Before You get started: Take part in a grounding ritual
    • Put on your favorite restful music 
    • Burn some white sage for purification in the air and to create a clear environment. (optional) 
    • Close your eyes and ask what you would like to invite into your life. Set the intent for the activity.

    Steps to creating your vision board
    1. Go through your magazines and start collecting images and words that resonate with you (don’t glue anything yet!).  Take your time, this is a powerful exercise to attract your visions. Spend a good few hours finding your images and words.

    2. Start to go through your images and lay them out on your board. This is a highly intuitive part of the exercise so feel free to move them about, take out ones that no longer feel right, you may see a theme starting to emerge.

    3. Firstly paste a photo of yourself, smiling happily to show the expression when all these things come true in your life.

    4. When you are ready, start to glue your images and words onto the board. You can also draw and add additional words yourself as you build your imagery.

    5. When you feel like you have completed your board, hang it somewhere prominent for you to see everyday.

    There’s no right or wrong way here, just go with your instincts and be open – this is the most important thing. You may be surprised with what comes out! There are also different kinds of Vision Boards, so download this FREE info sheet to learn more. 

    ADD COMMENTS BELOW: Let's share our Vision Boards! If you have blogged about your vision board or have a photo, why not post a link in the comments below. Also tell us what you think about Vision Boards and how they have helped you follow your dreams if you have used them before.