Indulge Your Creativity

February can be a very dreary month and we can find ourselves getting bored and cranky. Thankfully, there's City Bakery's hot chocolate month. And ... remember all those creative, inspirational projects you had planned? February is the best month to try/do at least two things on your creativity to-do list.

I have been thinking about visiting to the Museum of Arts and Design and the Bronx Zoo for way too many months. I would like to make homemade soup. Maybe you've been meaning to find time to browse in the arts and crafts supply store. Or check out the library to learn more about a new craft you've been wanting to try. Or challenge yourself to find a creative use for empty prescription bottles. Please do that one and let me know asap. Maybe you're really hankering for a night at the theater or listening to whatever kind of music moves you.

So go! Do!

And here are some items that fill my need for color, and lots of it!

Muppetoon's multi-colored eco felt ball:
Mulryjewels' Swarovski birthstone hearts:
PriaVanda's handwoven journal:

This double-frame wristlet from Lynliao3:

JennaNewton's original abstract drawing:
Until next time, may we all be inspired!