Handmade Knit Wedding Gown

                 Source: dailymail.co.uk via Nnenna on Pinterest

When I came across this image on Pinterest I knew it was too awesome not to share it with you guys! Twenty-six year-old Lydia from the United Kingdom handknit her own wedding gown in order to save money.  According to the article, she tried on a few wedding dresses in stores, but then decided that she wanted to go the handmade route. She was able to create her dress above with about 300 grams of yarn and at least 100,000 stitches- all for under 200 pounds!

I think her wedding dress is really beautiful and I love that it's completely unique- what a great treasure that will be for future generations in her family!

Tell me: What do you think of her knit wedding dress? Did you or would you make your own wedding gown?

By Nnenna of star-crossed smile

Inspired By: Weddings

Summer is the season of weddings and I thought it would be fun to share some of my picks inspired by this theme. Our team members are so talented and there was plenty of wedding inspiration to be found in their shops!

Tell me: Who's attending a wedding this summer? Anyone getting married? :)

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Summer Products from The {NewNew}

Do your summer in style with these nifty handmade items by members of The {NewNew}!

Add a touch simple yet sophisticated DIY flair to your summer wedding decorations with this flower garland by Pandawithcookie.

Pink Paper Flower Garland-Lovely Wedding Decor, $18

"Bee" prepared for picnics in the park and all your more casual outdoor affairs involving liquid refreshment with this cheerful pitcher by Lennymud.

Bee Happy Pitcher, $15

Keep the little ones cute and cool in these shortalls by Overallbaby.
Toddler Shortalls in Kokka Turquoise Sheep, $38

And for yourself or a friend, a breezy Trapeze Top by Vyphuisdesigns.

Fun Trapeze Top, $35

Get set for days at the beach or knocking around town with this cheerful Sunshine Tote Purse by jesswitaj.

Summer Sunshine Tote Purse, $48

Update friends and family, say "thank you," or
send a simple summertime "hello" with beach-inspired notecards by MonicaMarks.

Summer Seashells - Set of 2 Note Cards, 5 x 7, Original Mixed Media Collage, Blank Inside, $10

Hold your childhood summertime memories near and dear year-round with this Ice Cube Popsicle print by Lipeony.

Ice Cube Popsicle 5 x 7 Print, $8.00

For more {NewNew} summertime products, click here.

Enjoy, and have a happy summer!


How-to: "Something Blue" Bridal Hair Pin

My little sister will be getting married this summer and she trusted me enough to give me the extremely important task of designing and creating her jewelry. I'm scared already! ;O I'm almost certain, she will turn out to be my most difficult and outspoken client ever, and I'm not fooled by her when she says "Just surprise me, I'm sure I will love it!"

I decided to start with hair accessories. We went over different possibilities: hair combs, tiaras, hair bends and decided that hair pins would be best. My sister has very fine and "slippery" hair and pins will not only help to hold them in place, but also give the master hairdresser, my brother's best friend, lots of flexibility.

~hair pin
~wire (I'm using 26ga silver plated wire)
~beads: glass flowers, glass leaves, pearls, Swarovski crystals, seed beads
go wild! use silk flowers, feathers, old jewelry, sequins, buttons, etc
~wire clippers
1. Cut an 18in long piece of wire, place first petal or leaf shaped bead in the middle of your wire and twist wire securing bead in place.

2. Secure additional 2 petal beads on each end of the wire.
3. Make a couple of additional twists below the little branches.
4. Add glass flower bead topped with "something blue" Swarovski crystal bead leaving about 1/2in of wire bellow the flower.
5. Bend the wire tightly over the edge of the flower bead and twist tightly making sure that the blue crystal stays as centered as possible.

6. Thread a little Swarovski crystal butterfly on the longer end of the wire about 1.5in from twister wire, fold it tightly against the bead and wrap around.
7. Position the butterfly above the pearl branches.
8. Add one more flower bead with Swarovski crystal center at the base of this little bridal bouquet.
9. Thread both ends of the wire through the loop of the hair pin and secure it in place by wrapping around the loop of the hair pin and around the base of the bouquet. Clip off the access wire.

by Mirela
Jantar Handcrafted Jewelry

How To: Making a shawl for a cool spring wedding

March heralds spring and that means weddings are in the air!!
But it’s still too cool for those fabulous strapless and spaghetti strapped wedding dresses. So let’s make this shawl, choose your color, choose your fabric. Here we chose white satin with a grey cotton ribbon for the fringe. You can use satin, silk, velvet or any ribbon you like….here’s an opportunity to do your “something blue”.

Fabric 62” x 21”
Ribbon or braid approximately 13 yards (cut into 12” strips)
Thread suitable for the fabric chosen
New pins

1. Fold fabric in half length-wise and mark seam. Opening fabric out flat, lay ribbon or braid on right side of fabric with end up against the width end of the fabric. Make sure the ribbon lays flat on what will be the good side of the fabric, each strip paralled and at least ½ inch apart on only one half of fabric.2. Pin each strip in place on both ends of your fabric. It will help to baste stitch each strip of ribbon in place.

3. With ribbon basted in place, fold over side of fabric without ribbon using your center seam mark as your guide for the fold.

4. Carefully stitch the two ends and most of the open length together. Leave a small opening for turning shawl.

5. Turn shawl inside out
6. Iron shawl carefully, making sure that ribbon strips extend to form a fringe at both ends.

7. Hand sew the opening close and iron flat.

Voila, you have the perfect shawl for a cool spring wedding.

By Marilyn Ng-A-Qui

How to Elope with Style

Lots of little girls dream of their weddings. All I ever fantasized about was the dress and the jewelry. So when my now-husband and I decided to get married, we quickly dispensed with the notion of a shin-dig and decided to do it on our own terms.

Niagara Falls called to us, so we booked a room with a gorgeous view and came up with excuses to get away for a few days in April.

The mayor of Niagara Falls, New York performed the ceremony. Rather than the boiler plate we'd expected, we got his take on the wedding vows, which were much sweeter and more heartfelt.

Although our nuptials took place in the dark ages before Etsy and the {New New}, they did include many handmade and DIY elements.

My dress was custom made at a local shop called Kimera. My cute capelet also came from a local shop that carries lots of handmade goods, Rapisarda. My husband worked with jewelry designer Lady J. to create an engagement ring based on one that had been my grandmother's. We got custom wedding bands from the Original Titanium Workshop.

As a gift on the day we got married, he got me a beautiful handmade purse from Refinery, a local pioneer in handmade retail.

Afterwards, we let our friends and family know we'd gotten hitched by sending out this card:
which we made by taking a picture of some public art near our house that we thought kind of looked like us. With each card we included a cd of the theme song to Laverne and Shirley, "Doing it Our Way."

If I were to do it all over again, I'd still elope. We spared ourselves a great deal of stress, and to this day we still feel justified in splurging on travel since we saved so much money by not having a a wedding.

The only thing I'd change is I'd definitely do a lot of my shopping from the {New New}!

Stylish elopement necessities from Ikyoto, bluestitch books, metalicious, groundsel, jesswitaj and Lingua Nigra.


Creating Gift Registries that Incorporate Handmade Goods

Bridal Registry
Selecting china, crystal, and silver patterns may seem like an old-fashioned, out-moded tradition in an era of take out and frozen meals. That flowery Limoges you inherited from your great great grandmother might be great for the holidays, but what about all those other days? Choosing objects for use in your daily dining rituals is a chance to assert your style, bring great joy into the small spaces in your life, and to support your favorite artists and green living. Whether you are planning your big day or want to set up your bachellorette pad, please read on for tips and good humor stemming from a stint as a bridal consultant and my personal experience with gift registry.

The Bridal Consultant
At 24, my life took a quick turn from working as a studio artist while living with a long-term boyfriend I was pretty convinced I would marry to needing a "real" job, and fast. Even though I had woken up one morning knowing that I shouldn't follow my beau cross-country for grad school, I was pretty heartbroken over the relationship ending. I never anticipated landing a job helping happy young couples create their gift registries only a few weeks later! Going to work was hard at first, but I found soon that I enjoyed working with people and helping them choose patterns that coordinated with one another and their personalities.

Choosing Patterns
The most important pattern you choose will be your china, so I recommend that this be your first choice. Unless you are inheriting crystal or silver, you can then choose your flatware and stemware to complement your china pattern. If you are choosing modern, minimalist china, it makes sense that your flatware and stemware should be a similar style; likewise with choosing something more traditional. It is important to remember that if you are choosing ornate designs that at least one of your three patterns should be simple so as not to create a visually overwhelming place setting.

My Registry
After a few months on the job, I decided that I was more interested in presents than marriage. So I created a gift registry called "Married to Me" and proceeded to buy myself china, crystal, and stainless flatware, taking advantage of a two-year, interest-free credit plan to get the (expensive) stuff I really wanted – sometimes all a girl needs in life is a little credit! While this may seem rash to the practical among you, this is a decision I have relished rather than regretted while using my beautiful dishes for the past six years. They have made we want to cook healthy and delicious food, to bake decadent desserts, to entertain friends.
The patterns I ultimately selected - Raphael by Gien for my china, Country French by Reed and Barton for my flatware, and Albi by Christofle for my stemware - were not choices I would have anticipated myself making only a few months earlier. I loved the color and intricacy of the china, the echoes of the china design I saw in the flatware, and the simple elegance of the stemware. I knew that the stemware and flatware would also go well with some antique china waiting in my parents' basement for me to get more settled.

How many place settings?
While I only purchased four place settings, knowing that I would ultimately acquire more, for a couple eight place settings should be the minimum, with twelve preferred. Anticipate that you may not always live in a tiny city apartment, that you may someday entertain large numbers of family and friends, and that you will probably lose a few pieces to breakage over the years which may prove difficult to replace.

Don't forget the handmade!
Next came the challenge of marrying my love of the handmade with my beautiful but mass-produced goods. Working within the color palette of my china - easy thanks to the wide range of colors in its design - I began to acquire handmade serving pieces and drinking vessels which I use interchangeably based on my mood. When feeling sweet I might use Jen Mecca's tea bowl for an infusion. For my espresso, I choose Rebecca Lesnick's panty mug if feeling coy or Tom Spleth's profanity cup if I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. And I love Michael Holland's candy-colored, hand-blown glasses with retro underwear models for all-day hydration. I store my fruit in the large bowl Kelly O'Briant made using my china as inspiration.

Knowing most of these artists made acquiring these handmade goods easy for me. If you are interested in incorporating handmade into your registry, I offer you a couple of suggestions. The first is to pick a very minimalist china pattern – white or a solid color – and accentuate with handmade bowls, serving pieces, salad plates, mugs and/or glasses.
The second is to form a relationship with a local potter whose work you admire. If you find someone who creates a design you like, you may approach them about producing a set all at once to have available for your wedding guests to purchase with the understanding that you will buy any unpurchased items after the wedding. You might also work with the artist to have a set custom designed for you.

May Luk
NewNew team ceramist May Luk, who creates a number of whimsical designs perfect for the contemporary bride, will customize platters and vases to include a couple's names and wedding dates. She also varies her Brooklyn chinoiserie dishes to feature special places – like the location of a first date or kiss – upon request.

Start Planning Now
With all the decisions going into a wedding, it is easy to put off making a gift registry until the last minute. I encourage you instead to plan early so you have time to research and choose pieces that fit your taste and lifestyle. Creating a registry removes the anxiety from gift giving and allows every couple the chance to select objects to cherish through a lifetime of use (what better way to be green than picking patterns that you will use for decades and then pass along?). Look for on-line registry options which will allow you to cull your favorite items from stores across the web – including Etsy – such as myregistry.com.

Happy searching and gifting!

It Takes Two, Baby

I've always appreciated the power of a dynamic duo. There's something about the act of coupling, of pairing, of two distinct entities coming together to create something wholly unique from its origins, yet clearly indebted, that's infinitely compelling.

Kinda like love.

Anywho, that's how I've always imagined my wedding and marriage: a coming together of two distinct people, lives, and lessons, to form something new, something that hadn't existed before between the two of us. Just me and you, as the classic Marvin Gaye-Tammi Terrel song goes.

The following selections of pairs and "twos" from {NewNew} artisans are a little unorthodox at first glance, but why not make your wedding your own?

It takes two.

Time Charm necklace by pCharming and Gold Plated Double House Necklace by JDavisStudio

Mexican Sugar Skulls by MHalston and Love is Not Dinner Plate by May Luk

Pair of Foxes by cakehouse and Love Birds Note card set by Fubabee

Parachute Jump Cufflinks by WabisabiBrooklyn and Lightning Bolt Earrings by MetalSugar

Robot Pins by Panda With Cookie and Tuxedo Chairs by Elbees Creations.

-- Susan

Alternative Cake Toppers by the NewNew

The old plastic-cast figurines have largely been tossed aside for cake toppers that better capture the unique nature of the wedding couple's personalities. Here are a few ideas from the NewNew for fresh and personal looks to dress up your cake.

What could be more sweet than the beloveds' names stitched out simply together? MiniatureRhino offers custom embroidery that brings your names and hearts into one that could go on top of your cake, and then into your home.

So many couples are brought together by a shared interest, and I picture this as adorning a cake for beer aficionados. DeafDog's bottle caps saying "I {heart} U" will highlight both your love for each other and your enthusiasm for life's pleasures.
Whatever animals you might choose to represent yourselves, Smallest Friend can make adorable felted creatures to your specifications. Your pets together, creatures based on your nicknames or favorite pairings (I'm partial to unicorn + narwhal) are all wonderful ways to bring charm to your cake display.
For something a little more symbolic, a tree is a great representation of the growth of your relationship and looks forward to the marriage together. There are a few different varieties by winsome hollow. Choose which is most like you.

There has been a lot of attention to choosing cupcakes instead of a more formal cake for weddings. Consider an arrangement with all of the cupcakes displayed on a charming plate by May Luk.

Once you've picked out your perfect cake topper (or cupcake decor), on your special day the only thing you'll have to worry about the cake is to smoosh or not to smoosh.


March is Indie Wedding Month!

Throughout the month of March, The {NewNew} will bring you the best in NYC handmade weddings. From planning your own DIY wedding to product features on unique customizable gifts for the newlyweds or bridal party.

That's right, for all you DIYers planning your wedding, our tips will include; wedding favors, decorations, advice on gift registry, melt and pour soap favors and how to make your own veil and other diy projects to help you personalize your wedding day.

Check back daily for new content!