How To: Making a shawl for a cool spring wedding

March heralds spring and that means weddings are in the air!!
But it’s still too cool for those fabulous strapless and spaghetti strapped wedding dresses. So let’s make this shawl, choose your color, choose your fabric. Here we chose white satin with a grey cotton ribbon for the fringe. You can use satin, silk, velvet or any ribbon you like….here’s an opportunity to do your “something blue”.

Fabric 62” x 21”
Ribbon or braid approximately 13 yards (cut into 12” strips)
Thread suitable for the fabric chosen
New pins

1. Fold fabric in half length-wise and mark seam. Opening fabric out flat, lay ribbon or braid on right side of fabric with end up against the width end of the fabric. Make sure the ribbon lays flat on what will be the good side of the fabric, each strip paralled and at least ½ inch apart on only one half of fabric.2. Pin each strip in place on both ends of your fabric. It will help to baste stitch each strip of ribbon in place.

3. With ribbon basted in place, fold over side of fabric without ribbon using your center seam mark as your guide for the fold.

4. Carefully stitch the two ends and most of the open length together. Leave a small opening for turning shawl.

5. Turn shawl inside out
6. Iron shawl carefully, making sure that ribbon strips extend to form a fringe at both ends.

7. Hand sew the opening close and iron flat.

Voila, you have the perfect shawl for a cool spring wedding.

By Marilyn Ng-A-Qui