NewNew Treasuries on Etsy

I have a joke for you today: How many computers does it take to write a blog post? If I actually get this up on the internet, the answer is 4...well, 3 and an iPad. And you have to crash one of the computers. Today is off to a great start!

So! Let's talk NewNew Treasuries! Treasuries are lists of items, curated by Etsy members. You can be a seller or a buyer to create them - treasuries don't discriminate! It's a fun way to bring items that you're interested together under a theme. Think of them as a bit like Pinterest but just for Etsy.

Well, we have a whole team of members who put these lists together each day. I'm giving them a virtual high-5 right now. Perhaps it's just me but these lists are time consuming & these ladies & gentlemen crank them out. They deserve props.

How do you find them? On the Etsy homepage, you can navigate to the Treasuries front page (scroll down, check the left hand column). Once there, search "newnewteam" and VOILA! Treasuries appear from your fave NewNew peeps & including NewNew sellers. You can favorite a treasury, "like" it on Facebook, tweet about it, or if there are just a few items you like, you can "heart" them right there on the treasury. Don't forget to comment!

Here are a few recent lists. Sorry for the lack of visuals. Refer to paragraph one.

Hello Autumn by lamusekalliope
October Birthstone by ChelseaRainbow
Autumn Wool by asterknot
Civil Disobedience on the The Brooklyn Bridge by dslookkin

We cover all topics as you can see. So, come check out our awesome treasuries! I promise I'll be back with stunning visuals in the next post. This really doesn't do our team justice. Gotta run before I crash my second computer before lunch...