Comparing New York to Paris

A couple of weeks ago I was sent on my first business trip at my new gig - to Paris! Not a bad place to be sent (during fashion week, no less), but I am pretty sure that everywhere else I get sent in the future will surely disappoint. The last time I was in Paris was in college, which is far too many years
ago to actually admit. At the time I was still living in Florida so it was really interesting to compare my experience now that I’ve lived in New York for so long. The biggest difference that I noticed was that the city seemed so much smaller now! Size aside, I was surprised by how much New York City and Paris have in common.

 We both have our monuments that define our skylines

New York Skyline

Paris Nighttime Skyline

 We both have our arches.

Arc de Triomphe, Paris
Washington Square Arch, New York
We both have our famous carbohydrates.

New York Pretzels
Parisian Baguettes

We both have our Metrocards.
Paris Subway Station
Bedford Avenue Subway, Williamsburg

Soho Eatery
We both enjoy al fresco dining.

Parisian Cafe

The thing they have that we don’t? Sexy accents.

I will end this post by telling you about my new favorite place - which combines two of my favorite cities! Baguettaboutit - where Paris meets Brooklyn.

Photos by Kelley Gudahl Photography. Baguette photo by littlebrownpen.