NewNew Treasuries on Etsy

I have a joke for you today: How many computers does it take to write a blog post? If I actually get this up on the internet, the answer is 4...well, 3 and an iPad. And you have to crash one of the computers. Today is off to a great start!

So! Let's talk NewNew Treasuries! Treasuries are lists of items, curated by Etsy members. You can be a seller or a buyer to create them - treasuries don't discriminate! It's a fun way to bring items that you're interested together under a theme. Think of them as a bit like Pinterest but just for Etsy.

Well, we have a whole team of members who put these lists together each day. I'm giving them a virtual high-5 right now. Perhaps it's just me but these lists are time consuming & these ladies & gentlemen crank them out. They deserve props.

How do you find them? On the Etsy homepage, you can navigate to the Treasuries front page (scroll down, check the left hand column). Once there, search "newnewteam" and VOILA! Treasuries appear from your fave NewNew peeps & including NewNew sellers. You can favorite a treasury, "like" it on Facebook, tweet about it, or if there are just a few items you like, you can "heart" them right there on the treasury. Don't forget to comment!

Here are a few recent lists. Sorry for the lack of visuals. Refer to paragraph one.

Hello Autumn by lamusekalliope
October Birthstone by ChelseaRainbow
Autumn Wool by asterknot
Civil Disobedience on the The Brooklyn Bridge by dslookkin

We cover all topics as you can see. So, come check out our awesome treasuries! I promise I'll be back with stunning visuals in the next post. This really doesn't do our team justice. Gotta run before I crash my second computer before lunch...


Monday Morning {NewNew} Treasury!

After what turned out to be a humid and hot weekend (with just a little bit of refreshing rain) I'm sure many of us, myself included, are looking forward to some chillier days ahead.

Using this as inspiration, here is a Monday morning {NewNew} Treasury - 'Chill out with The {NewNew}' !!

Want to find more stuff made by our team on Etsy? Use the keyword 'newnewteam' in the main search and you'll have pages and pages of beautiful handmade items to browse....(good excuse to stay in the comfort of your air conditioning, huh?)...ahhh, cooler days ahead.

Browse other {NewNew} treasuries by visiting our Etsy Team Page Treasury thread!

'chill out with The {NewNew}' by sansmap off from this city heat with The {NewNew}!!

4 Salvaged Slate Coaste...

Pocket Bunny (Shadow) -...

Shoulder Bag - The Jack...

Upcycled Phone Case Fro...

Light Blue and Gray Mim...

Mini Modern Rock in Ste...

re-purposed vintage woo...

Graphic tee shirt silks...

Grey iPhone Case - gadg...

Grayscale Monochromatic...

Parisian Gray Crocheted...

8x10 Matted Photograph,...

Snowy Benches - 8x12 ma...

5x5 matted photography ...

Airplane in the Clouds ...

handmade art deco neckl...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Do you want to create a screenshot of your own Etsy treasury or one that you want to re-post on your blog or website?
Visit the Etsy HTML code generator (courtesy of whale shark website)
It adds all the links and photos for you!! Simply copy the Treasury ID, select the size you prefer and paste it into the generator, and voila! you're ready to grab your code! Pretty cool, right?

Happy Monday!

Handmade Bags & Accessories

Explore the Wonder of {NewNew} Treasuries

After what seems an infinite blanket of snow that we've been nestled under these winter months here in New York, springtime is just around the corner. But we have to face the fact that February still brings a chill in the air and snow at our feet.

All is not cold and icy since we do have a special day to celebrate that can warm our hearts. And of course The {NewNew} can help you shake off those winter blues too!

Shop for all of your favorite {NewNew} artists by searching us in Etsy Treasuries!

'dreaming of a {NewNew} spring' by sansmap

Annie Collection - ...

Tea Party Shower In...

Sterling and Fiber ...

Pink Spinel Gold Fi...

Paper Bowl - Pink P...

Resin Jewelry - Sma...

Moonglow Alpha Plat...

Shabby chic white w...

Perpetual Change. 8...

Ride the sky, decor...

In Love with Love -...

Cephalopod Sconce, ...

Pink Heart Small Di...

Butterfly Dreams-11...

Crinkle ring in ste...

bloom. handspun sin...

Treasury tool is sponsored by A/B image testing.

Happy shopping with The {NewNew}!!

Treasury Seekers

An Etsy Treasury is an ever-changing, member curated shopping gallery of hand picked items. Both Etsy buyers and sellers can create beautiful photo montages of their favorites. Not everyone who makes an Etsy Treasury cares about it later appearing on Etsy's frontpage (which can bring views and sales to the featured shops) ... they're creating for the joy of creating. But many people wonder if there are any "insider" secrets to be learned from Etsy artists who consistently curate great treasuries.

A NewNew Treasury curated by Kimm Chi.

The NewNew team is lucky to have Anne, who owns a shop called Felt It, as a member. Anne makes items for children and adult that feature whimsical and colorful eco-felt appliques. She brings her eye for composition and color to each treasury she creates, and she has created HUNDREDS. We asked her to share her secrets to Treasury Hunting here with us on the blog.

Treasury curated by Muppetloon (anne from Felt It)

How long had you had your etsy shop when you first started making treasuries?

I started making treasuries when I was simply a buyer and not a seller. It was a way to gather some of my favorite items and to get to know the makers.

Do you remember what your first collection was?

I don't remember my first collection made, but I do remember the first treasury that I made that went to the frontpage. It was not for the {NewNew}, as I wasn't a member yet. It was a collection called "Spring at Grandmother's in Paris". I loved those items and so did someone at

How many treasuries would you guestimate you've made?

I have made hundreds of them. They refresh every few days and I try to make it each week at least once or twice. I have been at this now for about two years.

Do you pre-plan before the treasuries open?

When I find myself surfing the internet without much purpose, I open etsy's poster sketch page and put one together. It's there waiting when the treasury opens and I'm all set.

Do you title the treasury after you make it or before?

The title usually comes after I have made the treasury.

Any secret tips?

Check the treasury clock at, but it is only an estimate and it is usually 15-30 minutes off.

What should people making treasuries NOT do?

Just use the same people over and over. It is boring. Also, don't ignore what they are putting up on the frontpage. The individuals who choose the front page over at Etsy like certain colors or items at certain times and not others. Pay attention. Also remember why you are making the treasury. If I am making a treasury for the {NewNew} it is to show some of the best photographed items in their shops.

Are you excited at the recent announcement that Etsy will use more member curated treasuries on the front page?

Of course!

We are excited to bring you a giveaway from Anne's shop!! Today you can win ONE BABY BODYSUIT OF YOUR CHOICE (here is just one example)

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