Spring Colors Have Sprung!

 March 20th is the first official day of Spring. After yesterday, I really feel like the season is here already! It was 60!! Yeah!

Here are a few items that continue to get me in the mood with their bright colors...

Bright & spring-like...complete with April showers that will bring May Flowers. I love this print. Michelle has great prints in fabulous colors!

Is it me or is neon everywhere right now? Maybe I'm just looking for it. Anywho!  Hook And Matter has an entire shop section dedicated to neon necklaces. They are all fabulous! (Hello, Neon Wishbone!)

Full confession - this clutch was my inspiration for this post. Love it! I like anything that makes traveling easier & chic at the same time. Plus, check out the back strap for holding it. Great idea. It makes me think of the grass in the Spring. New & bright! And very soon littered with Easter Eggs!

{KOOKLA SAMPLES by Kookla Makeup}

I don't know about you but I think these look delicious! It makes me think of the first outdoor happy hour of the year...for some reason...maybe that is saying too much about myself...Anywho! What a great way to try several lip glosses & find your favorite.

Get out there & enjoy this early Spring!

Kerry :: kbatty.etsy.com

I set goals...now what?

{Rosie! The Biz Ladies cheerleader on Design Sponge}

The beginning of a new year means one thing. No, not hangovers! Ok, maybe those, but also everyone is talking about goal setting & I swear no one does it more than those of us in the handmade/small business category. All year long we are evaluating, changing, adjusting. This time of the year is prime for doing those things big picture style.

Got Goals?

Yes! But, now what? That's what I have struggled with in the past. How will I work toward these ideas every day? Last year my goals were to:

1. Produce more work
2. Focus. 

Kind of a do-more-by-doing-less approach there on number 2. Did I accomplish them? Yes...loosely. Mostly by sitting down & sketching out ideas. Many of them made it to the computer. Not many of them made it onto my shop, but design development takes time & I can't say it was easy to focus on one design at a time. So, can I do it differently? Well, yes...I'm glad you asked. Here's how...

New Year, New Strategy

I want to approach this goal setting/achieving differently this year. I don't want to load a bunch of pressure on myself, but my custom business grew leaps this year & I want to keep that momentum going. It's important to me to have a plan of attack. Here are a few links & tricks I've found helpful so far:

Designing an MBA: 4 Steps to your Best Business Year

Hello point number 1! Pick one point of focus because when you have a clearly defined point of focus, making those decisions becomes a whole lot easier. It's really a recycling of my goal last year, but now I see a better way to achieve it. My strategy is going to be break my focal points down by quarters. One point for the whole year is scary & feels like I'm climbing a mountain. I got a lot of mountains to climb!

Heartmade: Life is Messy Planners 2.0

Yes, these helpful worksheets are $40, but I need some ways to break down what I do each day/week. A $40 investment vs the money I will make if these work for me = no brainer to try them. Plus, who doesn't want to look at Mayi Carles little illustrations every day?

Rena Tom: Visions of a New Year

I have a big bulletin board above my desk (this one, actually, in case one of your goals is to redecorate your office space. Love!). WomansMedia.com suggests that visualizing yourself achieving your goals is half the battle. Done.

Clearly the World Wide Web has millions of sources for goal setting (pls share yours in the comments!!) and these are 3 places I have found helpful. The aforementioned article I read on Woman's Media.com noted that research shows people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. So, while there is not a right or wrong way to plan & execute your goals (see number 2 in the Designing an MBA article), writing them down seems like a good place to start. It certainly makes them easier to reference during the year.

Don't think that I didn't notice that I haven't actually stated my 2012 goals in this post. I know. They are still under refinement. I can't just say "I'm going to conquer the world!" and focus on it. So, I'm further breaking them down. Stay tuned. I'll see you back here for goal specifics in my next post & updates through out the year.

Best wishes & blessings for all our blogging/crafting community. Happy New Year, Everyone! 


Just ONE day until the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade!

Saturday is The {NewNew} Holiday Handmade Cavalcade
You Do Not Want To Miss This Event!

For one day only during the holiday season shoppers can load up on clothing, jewelry, accessories, paper goods, bath and body treasures, toys, housewares and more, all handmade by some of the most creative local artisans and crafters in the NYC metropolitan area.
Where: Public Assembly 70 North 6th Street in Brooklyn
When: 10 am-6 pm Saturday December 3rd

The first 200 shoppers to arrive will receive free goodie bags packed with a unique sampling of wares from the {NewNew} - so come early!

With each purchase, shoppers will get a raffle ticket entry for a prize package filled with great {NewNew} wares!

In keeping with its tradition of partnering with local non-profits, the {NewNew} will have representatives from The Brooklyn Community Foundation, an organization that improves the lives of Brooklyn residents and their communities.

Hope to see you!
Holly / EllisDesign

Great Gifts for $25 or Less

I hear many of my friends saying "I'd like to get something really unique for my Mom (Dad, Aunt....) but I am on a tight budget this year."   Finding that unique and one-of-a-kind gift does not mean you have to break the bank, in fact you can find many wonderful gift ideas for less than $25 in the Etsy shops of The {NewNew} team.  Plus, when you buy your gifts at an Etsy shop you are supporting the efforts of independent artisans, designers and crafters.

Head on over to our Gifts Under $25 Etsy Treasury to find out more about these items and the shops they are from.  If you are in the New York area you'll find all these shops (and more) at the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade on December 3rd.  Over 35 local artists, designers and crafters will be at the Cavalcade for your shopping delight.  We'll be at Public Assembly, 70 N. 6th Street in Brooklyn from 10 - 6 on December 3rd.

Hope to see you on December 3rd.
Holly / Ellis Designs

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale from The {NewNew}

It's that time of year again....so get your Black Friday sneakers and your Cyber Monday computers ready to scoop up savings.  Over 30 members of The {NewNew} team are offering special savings Friday November 25th through Monday November 28th.  We will be featuring items from these members over the next few days to get you in the shopping and saving spirit.
Use coupon code THANKFUL2011 to get in on the deals (unless otherwise noted). 

Participating in this spectacular sale from The {NewNew} are:

            mVOLIe free domestic shipping
Groundsel 20% off
Ellis Design free domestic shipping
AdornmentsNYC 15% off
EllisDesign, lamusekalliope, Big Bridge Studios
JDavisStudio free domestic shipping
Kelley Gudahl Photography 20% off
Chelsea Rainbow 15% off and free domestic shipping
Edward Owl 20% off
AmiTown Creatures 15% off (use code BlackFriday 2011 and CyberMonday2011)
AmiTown Creatures, Brooklyn Owl, Underground Crafter
SaruStar 20% off
l'atelier des bijoux 15% off and free domestic shipping
lamusekalliope 20% off
Virginie Millefiori 15% off (use code cyber)
Absynthe Jewlery  15% off and free domestic shipping on orders over $100
SaruStar, AdornmentsNYC, Chelsea Rainbow
Nemesis Jewelry 10% off (use code Thankfull2011)
Big Bridge Studios 25% off all apparel
Pinot By Lyn 15% off
Brooklyn Owl 25% off
Super Foxy Sweets 15% off (use code holiday2011)
Groundsel, JDavis Studios, Simply Nu
Fernando Jewelry free shipping
Simply Nu 10% off
Agita Inc 15% off (use code holiday2011)
4USimply 10% off and free shipping
The Trouble Factory 15% off (use code holiday2011)

Want more? Head on over to Etsy and check out these Treasuries:

Happy Holidays and have fun shopping
Holly / EllisDesign

Keep in mind, I have made every effort to provide accurate sale information but typos happen.  While I doubt it will happen, in case it does, information provided on each individual shop is accurate and up to date.


Be a Better Blogger

We NewNew folks are an ever-evolving bunch. Always trying new things, trying to better ourselves, our crafts, our businesses.

Enter NewNew Team Workshops!

Did I mention we are also highly talented & helpful?? We are helping each other by pulling from the talents of our members who are willing to share their expertise in areas such as photography or design by distilling the basics down to the rest of us.

Last night: Basic Business Blogging by Sara Stroman of S2 Design & Stationery.

Sara has been blogging since 2005 & had a wealth of information & experience to bring to the proverbial table. She even brought us handouts! Oh, and wine & pizza! We know how to do it up in the NewNew.

We talked about a range of topics. Many questions were asked. We were like sponges, soaking up Sara's knowledge & enthusiasm for blogging.

The number 1 take away 

It was a 2 hour workshop, so there was plenty to think about (did you know Facebook has guidelines for promotions on your page?!). But, what is the one thing you should remember?

"Write about what you know & love,"said Sara. So simple. Yet, for many bloggers, that's tough. I think we forget that. Especially when you're running your own little business. We're all out there trying to promote, promote, promote, craft, craft craft. As Sara also said, do not feel limited by your general topic. We're creative people in a creative business so run with it. I find that advice freeing!

MAJOR kudos to Sara for her work putting this together. Want to see her in action? Check out her blog here. I look forward to diving into the articles she gave us for reference (hello handouts!). And! To putting her good advice into practice.

Kerry of K. Batty Design & Stationery

NewNew Treasuries on Etsy

I have a joke for you today: How many computers does it take to write a blog post? If I actually get this up on the internet, the answer is 4...well, 3 and an iPad. And you have to crash one of the computers. Today is off to a great start!

So! Let's talk NewNew Treasuries! Treasuries are lists of items, curated by Etsy members. You can be a seller or a buyer to create them - treasuries don't discriminate! It's a fun way to bring items that you're interested together under a theme. Think of them as a bit like Pinterest but just for Etsy.

Well, we have a whole team of members who put these lists together each day. I'm giving them a virtual high-5 right now. Perhaps it's just me but these lists are time consuming & these ladies & gentlemen crank them out. They deserve props.

How do you find them? On the Etsy homepage, you can navigate to the Treasuries front page (scroll down, check the left hand column). Once there, search "newnewteam" and VOILA! Treasuries appear from your fave NewNew peeps & including NewNew sellers. You can favorite a treasury, "like" it on Facebook, tweet about it, or if there are just a few items you like, you can "heart" them right there on the treasury. Don't forget to comment!

Here are a few recent lists. Sorry for the lack of visuals. Refer to paragraph one.

Hello Autumn by lamusekalliope
October Birthstone by ChelseaRainbow
Autumn Wool by asterknot
Civil Disobedience on the The Brooklyn Bridge by dslookkin

We cover all topics as you can see. So, come check out our awesome treasuries! I promise I'll be back with stunning visuals in the next post. This really doesn't do our team justice. Gotta run before I crash my second computer before lunch...


Monday Morning {NewNew} Treasury!

After what turned out to be a humid and hot weekend (with just a little bit of refreshing rain) I'm sure many of us, myself included, are looking forward to some chillier days ahead.

Using this as inspiration, here is a Monday morning {NewNew} Treasury - 'Chill out with The {NewNew}' !!

Want to find more stuff made by our team on Etsy? Use the keyword 'newnewteam' in the main search and you'll have pages and pages of beautiful handmade items to browse....(good excuse to stay in the comfort of your air conditioning, huh?)...ahhh, cooler days ahead.

Browse other {NewNew} treasuries by visiting our Etsy Team Page Treasury thread!

'chill out with The {NewNew}' by sansmap

....cool off from this city heat with The {NewNew}!!

4 Salvaged Slate Coaste...

Pocket Bunny (Shadow) -...

Shoulder Bag - The Jack...

Upcycled Phone Case Fro...

Light Blue and Gray Mim...

Mini Modern Rock in Ste...

re-purposed vintage woo...

Graphic tee shirt silks...

Grey iPhone Case - gadg...

Grayscale Monochromatic...

Parisian Gray Crocheted...

8x10 Matted Photograph,...

Snowy Benches - 8x12 ma...

5x5 matted photography ...

Airplane in the Clouds ...

handmade art deco neckl...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Do you want to create a screenshot of your own Etsy treasury or one that you want to re-post on your blog or website?
Visit the Etsy HTML code generator (courtesy of whale shark website)
It adds all the links and photos for you!! Simply copy the Treasury ID, select the size you prefer and paste it into the generator, and voila! you're ready to grab your code! Pretty cool, right?

Happy Monday!

Handmade Bags & Accessories

Free {NewNew} Swag Bag - Sneak preview!

When was the last time you got something for nothing? Like...a beautiful screen printed tote bag with free stuff and coupons inside?

(...yes, that's them below!)
(want to see them in the making? Check out the post "Getting Ready for the Spring Cavalcade")

We've done it again loyal shoppers! Over 40 amazing {NewNew} vendors are participating in this year's annual Spring Handmade Cavalcade. We have put together 100 (yes, 100!!) swag bags that contain handmade products, coupons and giveaways that will be free to the first 100 people through the door this Saturday at our event!
(...I heard that last year there was a line around the block!)

Say what? Yes...you did hear me correctly. Free bag, free stuff. (and did I mention they were screen printed by hand?). We love you guys that much.

Keeping in {NewNew} style, each of the bags will be different and unique, just like us. You'll have to wait and see what you get - don't you love surprises?

So maybe your swag bag will have items in it from Leslie of AstorKnot, who makes cute tote bags....

or perhaps something from Martin, of AdornmentsNYC, who designs stunning jewelry?

Beth from BShorr Handmade, who designs knitwear, is contributing several gadget cozies!

Hop on over to our Spring Handmade Cavalcade website to learn more and to see a list of participating vendors!

When: Saturday May 7th (10am-5pm)
Where: 'Slate' in the Flatiron district of Manhattan
What: Handmade shopping, food, music, drinks and fun!!

...and, if you're not one of the first 100 lucky shoppers to receive a free swag bag, you'll still be eligible to win one of 5 raffle swag bags (with even more stuff inside!). You are eligible for one raffle entry for each purchase you make at the event - don't forget to hand in your ticket near the door for your chance to win. Good luck and happy shopping!

Tell your friends you're attending the event on Facebook:

Keep up to date and in the loop, follow the event on Twitter:

The {NewNew} on Facebook - if you like us, then 'like' us!
Here's our new page:

See you on Saturday! :)

My Favorite Things: Metallics

I love the favorites tool on Etsy. It is an excellent enabler of all things procrastination. I like to follow {NewNew} artisans' Etsy favorites, and see where I end up. It's like following a trail of artistic breadcrumbs through a crafty forest. Let's get started:

The flashes of silver in this Black Geometric Brocade w/ Black Faux Leather Purse from Jes Switaj make it extra fancy. Her fancy favorite:

...the deco swirl on this Grey Silkscreen t-shirt from KimmChi. She likes...

...this sterling silver Circle of Key Ring from JDavisStudio.

Voila! What are some of your favorite {NewNew} items? Post a link to your favorite in the comment section and I'll select one as the starting point for my next stroll through the crafty forest.

Sue De
made for you