On Being a Saver

As I've mentioned before, I'm a saver of things that might rightfully be considered trash and thrown away --- felt scraps, for example. But, per the felt scraps example, I save these things because of their potential to become something not-trash. I see their possibility for transformation. I know I'm not alone in this among crafty types.

Perhaps you can relate to the inherent quandary in being a crafty saver in the big city, namely, a lack of space to keep saved items. I often wish I could strike a better balance between my visions of possibility or intended use and the reality that saved things will likely hang around a good long awhile before I use them, thus contributing to the increasing clutter amid which I consequently live. Alas. Two illustrative examples of this:

1. Milk carton screw-caps, and

2. Lamp shades.

I started saving milk carton screw-caps with the intention of making wristlet pin cushions (they form the base). This was many, many months ago. But the caps are small so it's not a major burden on my space to keep saving them---yet. And the chances of my actually using them as intended are good: Wristlet pin cushions are well within my likely future crafting ventures. So this save is reasonable, if a little annoying when the caps overrun the area above the sink.

I have a harder time justifying the second save, two metal lampshades that I salvaged from floor lamps that pooped out on me. (Am I alone in going through floor lamps like nobody's business?) I saved them with the idea that I could use one or the other as a sun-shield for my scrabble-tile pendants when selling at outdoor craft shows and markets. But I haven't figured out how exactly to rig them up. As with the the screw-caps, it's been months and months since I had this idea, but unlike the screw-caps, these things take up space. I'm constantly moving them around so I clearly don't have any to spare for them. So this save really isn't justifiable: Major space burden coupled with only a vague idea for their use. But, oh, the potential! It's almost intoxicating. Help!

In addition to things I save for their potential transformative use, there are things I save because they're just so obviously useful, whether or not I actually use them. You can relate.  I'll discuss these in my next post. Enough confessional for one day!

Until then --

 Linda // Purty Bird