D.I.Y. Valentine's inpired PJ case

Valentine’s day is approaching fast! Just a few days and it’s here. I came up with a project inspired by Valentine’s but perfect to keep around all year long. It’s a PJ case, a case where you can store PJs  during the day. No more pajamas under the pillows or laying around the bedroom. It will lay fluffy on your kid’s bed waiting for bedtime to get emptied out!

You will need:

One 14” x 14” and two 14” x 8” pieces of fleece

Freezer paper

Acrylic or textile paint in color of your choice

Textile medium (if you decide to use acrylic paint)

A foam or spouncer brush

Exacto knife

Surface for mixing colors (I use the cover of a take out container)

Love heart stencil


Follow steps 1. though 6. used in April showers Tee project to make your stencil and print the design on the 14” x 14” piece of fleece. Note that you are NOT using the striped area in the heart stencil. Place the letters as you like. If you are using textile paint, you do not need to use the textile medium.


I decided to use fleece for this case because it won’t fray and I didn’t want to finish the edges. If you decide you want to use a different kind of fabric and you want to finish the edges, you have to account for this in the measurements.

Overlap the two 14” x 8” pieces of fleece so that you have a 14” x 14” square. That will be your opening. Pin it down to keep it in place. Place the 3 layers of fabric so that the right sides are facing each other. Stitch all  around the edges using a ¼” to ½” seam allowance. Clip the corners and turn inside out. Press edges and enjoy!


* I recommend printing your fabric first. If you mess up, all you have to do is cut another piece of fabric as oppose to having to make a whole case again.

* You can print the design on a previously purchased pillow case and use that instead. Or print it on a Tee shirt too!

I made this one for my daughter and she loves it! You can make them as gifts for your friends' kids or your own. Have your littles give you a hand, they’ll treasure their PJ cases even more! Remember to supervise children while doing this project, specially while cutting, ironing and sewing.

Have fun and please share pictures of your projects!

Natasha K.




Under $25 Valentine Gifts

Do you remember when being under 25 and you wanted to rent a car? You couldn't.  Unless you wanted to pay exorbitant prices.  Well no matter your age you can buy from this carefully curated list of under $25 for your Valentine.  

Featured in the Huffington Post this week, at $4.75, Hang in there Bitch card from Tamara Garvey.


For your dry skin friend, from Naki Nagi Body Scrubs, Sea Salt Body Scrub for $14.95.  Consisting of grapes oil, ginger, sea salts.  Perfect to battle this salty, snowy weather we are having.  


From Snapdragon Originals, Let's Flock, yes flock.  Flocked birds on an adorable, heavy paper gift tag. 


Whimsical, flirty and historic.  Reminiscent of Saint Valentine's arrow, gold brass arrow hair pins from Fawning in Love. $16.00


Possibly my favorite, You are my Very Favorite Bracelet Set by Cynical Redhead.  Everything is too perfect with this bracelet and the shop name. 


Happy Valentine's Day. 



Thinking Red

The next major shopping holiday is around the corner.  Don't wait till the last minute.  Start thinking now. Whether you have a child, lover or parent in mind, check out some local goods via etsy.com and search etsynyteam.  You don't have to leave your desk and go shopping in the cold.  It's all right here at your fingertips.

Slope Girl Knits, knitting out of Brooklyn, is offering a discount until January 31st.  Look at this adorable red and white scarf: 

The Candy Cane Infinity Scarf, $30.00   Slope Girl Knits

The Candy Cane Infinity Scarf, $30.00 Slope Girl Knits

Be in the Moment knows how to say it simply with an enamel love necklace.

Enamel Love Necklace in Pink , $50.00 by Beinthemoment

Enamel Love Necklace in Pink, $50.00 by Beinthemoment

Crystal Puffy Heart necklace from Mulry Jewels

Crystal Puffy Heart in Red , $50.00 by Mulryjewels

Crystal Puffy Heart in Red, $50.00 by Mulryjewels

Heart soaps from Bubbles App

Overload on cuteness from My Zoetrope cards.  


To My Significant Otter - Valentine's Day Card, $5.00 by MyZoetrope.  With so many choices from over 250 makers you are sure to find something for your loved one. 

Tracey Toole