Under $25 Valentine Gifts

Do you remember when being under 25 and you wanted to rent a car? You couldn't.  Unless you wanted to pay exorbitant prices.  Well no matter your age you can buy from this carefully curated list of under $25 for your Valentine.  

Featured in the Huffington Post this week, at $4.75, Hang in there Bitch card from Tamara Garvey.


For your dry skin friend, from Naki Nagi Body Scrubs, Sea Salt Body Scrub for $14.95.  Consisting of grapes oil, ginger, sea salts.  Perfect to battle this salty, snowy weather we are having.  


From Snapdragon Originals, Let's Flock, yes flock.  Flocked birds on an adorable, heavy paper gift tag. 


Whimsical, flirty and historic.  Reminiscent of Saint Valentine's arrow, gold brass arrow hair pins from Fawning in Love. $16.00


Possibly my favorite, You are my Very Favorite Bracelet Set by Cynical Redhead.  Everything is too perfect with this bracelet and the shop name. 


Happy Valentine's Day.