Thinking Red

The next major shopping holiday is around the corner.  Don't wait till the last minute.  Start thinking now. Whether you have a child, lover or parent in mind, check out some local goods via and search etsynyteam.  You don't have to leave your desk and go shopping in the cold.  It's all right here at your fingertips.

Slope Girl Knits, knitting out of Brooklyn, is offering a discount until January 31st.  Look at this adorable red and white scarf: 

The Candy Cane Infinity Scarf, $30.00   Slope Girl Knits

The Candy Cane Infinity Scarf, $30.00 Slope Girl Knits

Be in the Moment knows how to say it simply with an enamel love necklace.

Enamel Love Necklace in Pink , $50.00 by Beinthemoment

Enamel Love Necklace in Pink, $50.00 by Beinthemoment

Crystal Puffy Heart necklace from Mulry Jewels

Crystal Puffy Heart in Red , $50.00 by Mulryjewels

Crystal Puffy Heart in Red, $50.00 by Mulryjewels

Heart soaps from Bubbles App

Overload on cuteness from My Zoetrope cards.  


To My Significant Otter - Valentine's Day Card, $5.00 by MyZoetrope.  With so many choices from over 250 makers you are sure to find something for your loved one. 

Tracey Toole