Nine ways to cope with frustration

Frustration is an emotion that arises when you are feeling helpless. It’s caused by internal forces like a lack of self-confidence as well as external forces that get in the way of your progress. It can stop your productivity, damage your relationships, and cause you to give up on your goals.

While we may never get rid of the feeling of frustration, there are ways to manage it:

  1. Recognize your frustration. Verbalizing the negative feelings and expressing yourself in a private, constructive space that doesn’t exacerbate the situation can help you calm down and move forward.

  2. Lean in and evaluate why you are frustrated. Is there also something that is working? Can you focus on moving in that direction instead?

  3. Change your perspective. If you can, take a walk, go do something else, practice deep breathing or meditation.

  4. Brainstorm ways to solve the frustration. Sometimes just knowing you have options often alleviates that helpless feeling and moves you forward.

  5. Find the humor in the situation. Lightening the mood can help shift your perspective.

  6. Ask for help. Other people can help turn something negative into something workable.

  7. Practice empathy and patience. Remember, you can control your own reaction even though you cannot control other people.

  8. If you’re frustrated by the scope of the problem, try breaking it down into manageable bits. It’s less frustrating when it’s something achievable.

  9. Try the 1:1:1 method. Ask yourself: will this matter in one day, one month, or one year? If not, should it matter now?

How to beat procrastination... NOW!

We all know how to get things done. You simply follow a set of steps:

  1. Determine what you need to get done
  2. Understand your motivations for getting it done
  3. Break it down into smaller sub-tasks if necessary
  4. Decide you are going to do it
  5. Do it
vintage clock phone lamp by vintageboxedblonde

vintage clock phone lamp by vintageboxedblonde

So why do we all procrastinate? Why do we allow ourselves to be distracted? Why do we put off doing something that we need to get done? 

Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder. -Mason Cooley

There are a few common reasons:

1. Fear. Maybe it's a fear of failure or success or simply the unknown. The most important thing to know is that you can do something to move through that fear. If a task seems difficult or time consuming, break it down into smaller tasks that are easier to manage. If there is a bit of unknown, focus on the positive good outcomes of getting this done rather than the negative or fearful aspects. Look for the joy in the task and hold onto that. 

2. Instant gratification aka laziness. Fix this by holding yourself accountable. Set your intentions on social media, get a buddy to work towards goals with, or ask a friend to help. Find ways to set and hold yourself accountable to your time frames.

3. Distractions. Set time aside. Meditate for five minutes to focus your mind. Use paper and pen instead of a computer. Turn off notifications, if you must use your computer for the task. Use a time-bound hack, like working for 30 minutes on something you need to get done, then rewarding yourself with 10 minutes of doing something fun, repeating this as often as necessary. Or try working for 10 minutes blocks at a time if something seems really overwhelming. Sometimes just getting started is enough to move past the distractions (and fears!).

Can It Tee by RusteriorThreads

Can It Tee by RusteriorThreads

4. Maybe you don't actually need to do that task. Sometimes you have to say no to doing things. Is this task really important? Is it beneficial to you? Is it necessary for you to complete it? Sometimes the key to overcoming procrastination is identifying what does, and what doesn't, actually need to get done.

Shawn Carney Art

Compassion Starts Within

In a world that is rife with stress, obstacles, disappointments, and pain it’s often hard to find compassion when we need it most. Starting within and providing yourself with a generous level of self-love and kindness can create a transformative path through that suffering. It isn’t easy, but you can do it by consistently practicing these four steps.

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Crafty Inspirations

Before I started crafting, I frequently visited craft shows to marvel at things that I thought I could never create. Fast forward years later, I am actually making and selling handmade soaps in my etsy shop Nordea Soaperie!

I always wonder what drives a person to choose their craft, and what inspires them to create on a daily basis. I know that I am inspired by my love of strange as that sounds. I LOVE food, and I love to cook. Making soap is simply following a recipe, and I am always thinking of different ways to incorporate food and beverages into my soaping projects. Many of my more popular soaps include fruit purees or liquids like aloe juice and beer.

I asked another member of the EtsyNY team what inspired their crafty creations, and Alison from Koto Designs gave me the following answer:

"I would say that I'm inspired by what I encounter in my day-to-day life. I always have an eye out for anything with a simple geometry that would translate well into embroidery. For example, my brother is a huge bike fanatic and for his birthday I made him a card featuring his super customized bike. I made another (more generic) version for my etsy shop for all the bike lovers out there."

To see the beautiful work from many more members of the EtsyNY team, make sure you come to the annual Holiday Handmade Cavalcade which will be a two-day event kicking off the Holiday shopping season! This show will feature artisans from all over the tri-state area. Don't forget to mark your calendars, December 1 & 2 in Brooklyn, NY....Hope to see you there!



Getting the Creative Engine Humming Again

We’ve all had them…those days when our creativity eludes us. And it can show up in a variety of ways. We may feel like working and just not have any new ideas. Or we may have the ideas, but lack the motivation to get to work. What’s an Etsy seller to do? 

Well, how about turning to other Etsy sellers for some advice?  The NewNew Blog asked some of our very own members for tips on how to get the creative engine going again when it begins to sputter. Here’s what they had to say. 

When I get stuck creatively, I will build up my stock of made-to-order pieces that are my best sellers. Inevitably, while working on an old standard, new ideas will pop into my head. Another favorite thing to do is go for a long run. The endorphin rush always seems to help get those creative ideas flowing!

Avocado Embroidery Hoop

From Aneta Hayne of Stitchinnetka
None of us likes to get stuck creatively. The moment you feel that void and lack of creative power, it seems like everything slows down and loses its meaning. I think the best thing to do is to consciously recognize this state of emptiness and acknowledge it. Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes it simply means that it's time to take a break, meet up with your friends, go jogging, take a good yoga workshop, or cook or bake something. That usually works for me; just turning my attention to something completely different does wonders.

I know that it might be frustrating if you have a certain deadline for your project, but a lot of times you can create amazing things within minutes. It all comes down to having an open mind. And sometimes our mind just has to be submerged into nothingness. After that phase, there is always some sort of inspiration that will roll into your lap. Sometimes it's a new custom order; other times it’s somebody’s birthday when you can make a special little gift. After that, new ideas can bloom.

Just remember to always start small and let yourself spread your wings again. Even doodling or making silly crafts with kids does wonders. Just be patient and kind to yourself.

Prayer Flags Party Decoration

From Paulette Brooks of Paulette Brooks All Access Art
Creativity isn't just something one can summon up. You're born with it, and it manifests itself at any time it cares to ...especially at unconventional times, like when you see some debris on the sidewalk, and it inspires you to turn that debris into a gorgeous necklace. Creative people can't help themselves...creativity will always rear its head and show its fancy face. Unfortunately, nowadays, that face gets smothered under endless distractions and duties...emails, jobs, texts, bills, and so on.

My biggest problem is not in how to summon up the creativity but how to summon the time to allow for its expression. I can't seem to stop the flow of “creativity,” it's there in's finding more time in my life to allow for it that I'm tackling.

Amethyst Garden Magical Pendant

How about you, dear readers? Do you have any advice for the creatively stumped? What's your secret to unlocking all that gorgeous creativity inside? Let us know in the comments!

By Mary Ann (maryannfarley)

Artistic Process: What inspires you?

Everyday objects.
Typography & letterforms.
Shadows & outlines that appear when I close my eyes.
I just want to make simple things but make them in my own way. Great
design at a fair price.
I can't sit still... I'm always designing something even if its not
feasible to make at the moment. (I have my heart set of large felt
rugs i just need to find a way to cut them)."


Artistic Process: What inspires you?

"I get inspired a lot by nature and architecture. I find the use of stone, glass, metal and wood to create structural elements a fascinating thing, and I try to replicate the juxtaposition in my designs on paper. Oftentimes I will be walking along on the street, especially in NYC where there are so many beautiful buildings, I will see stonework or some design element that would intrigue me and take a mental picture of it."
Pretty Stationery for Beautiful Souls - Fubabee