Wish upon a Snowflake - Tutorial

As I was sorting through our holiday decorations, I stumbled upon some instructions for paper snowflakes and stars, which inspired me to cut up some snowflakes of my own -- out of fabric. You may know how to do this already, but here is a quick refresher:


  • a square fabric remnant, this example uses a 6 inch square
  • very sharp scissors


Base Shape

Iron the fabric square flat.
Create a triangle by folding the square on the diagonal from one corner to another.
Fold the triangle in half along the center. Iron.
Open up the triangle and take the right corner and fold it over to the lower left at about a 60 degree angle along the middle crease.
Repeat with the other side until you have a symmetrical shape. Iron.
Cut a straight line across the base of the shape to create a triangle.
This is the basic shape from which you start a snowflake

Cutting out the Snowflake

To make a 6-pointed star shaped snowflake do the following:
Cut out a triangle on the base of the snowflake. The deeper your triangle, the longer the points of the star will become.
On each side of the triangle cut out a shallow oval.
Snip off the tip of the triangle
Open up the snowflake and iron it.
That's it.

You can use this snowflake to decorate a card, include it as part of an applique project, or attach it to your window for the holidays with a cornstarch and water "glue." If you wish you can also adhere fusible web to the fabric square in the first step and create an iron-on applique. Obviously there are many ways to cutout different shapes from the base shape. You may want to use paper squares to experiment with different patterns first and then transfer your designs to a fabric square. 

Have fun!


Tigers and Pirates on Governors Island

On Saturday June 5th Governors Island will open its gates to the public and kick off the season with Family Day! The {NewNew} will celebrate this event by offering free face painting and coloring pages from 12 noon to 4 p.m. at the KidsFest going on at Colonel Row.  Coloring pages were drawn by May Luk Cowell and Virginia Kraljevik of the {NewNew} team.

Don't forget to visit the NewNew Treasure Chest pop-up store at Nolan Park 6b, only five minutes from the Governors Island ferry terminal. It's easy to find us, from the ferry terminal walk up the hill and turn left, walk past Fort Jay and head left towards the Commanding Officer's House at the entrance to Nolan Park. The Treasure Chest is just a few houses into the park on the left.

If you can't join us on Saturday, you can still be with us in spirit by throwing your own, private face painting party. Here are some links to instructions for the perfect party face:
Hopefully we'll see you on Saturday, but if not, have fun with the paints.