Send a Valentine: Share Your Love 2012

Today, Etsy announced the return of their Special Delivery campaign - Share Your Love 2012. Etsy will once again partner with Citymeals-on-Wheels to bring nutritious meals & companionship to elderly New Yorkers with a little surprise...a Valentines' Day card from you.

Check out details on how to get involved, where to send your cards & any dos or don't here. Since K. Batty Design & Stationery is my name & cards are my game, I'm super excited to participate in this & pledge to send 20 cards. Maybe more! I love the opportunity to bring up the spirits of a fellow New Yorker.

I hope you'll join me in bringing some cheer with Etsy & Citymeals-on-Wheels!

PS If you're still gazing at your holiday cards & wondering what to do with them, check out Sara's post from the other day on how they can be upcycled for charity.


Meet our Cavalcade Charity Partner: Brooklyn Community Foundation

For this year’s Holiday Handmade Cavalcade we are proud to partner with the Brooklyn Community Foundation. With its motto "Do Good Right Here" the Foundation succinctly states its mission which is:
to improve the lives of people in Brooklyn by strengthening communities through local giving, grantmaking and community service.
As the only community foundation dedicated exclusively to the people of Brooklyn, the organization focuses on five different areas of support:

Art Print - My Zoetrope

Arts for All--

Seeks to support local arts and cultural organizations

Caring Neighbors--

Assists vulnerable Brooklynites and their neighbors

Community Development--

Supports efforts to provide affordable housing and neighborhood stability

Education and Youth Achievement--

Supports programs that promote access to quality education and academic success for all and assists organizations that help young people make smart life choices and nurture their social and emotional well-being

Green Communities--

Fosters the development of green spaces, jobs, and neighborhoods

Kids Hat - Ellis Design

Of course the Arts for All fund is very close to our own interests as artists and designers of the {NewNew}. One of the grants the Foundation recently made was to Cool Culture an organization that partners with 90 of New York City's best known cultural institutions to provide access to museums, zoos and parks to 50,000 underserved New York families.

Given the breadth of causes supported by the Brooklyn Community Foundation, you are sure to find a project that you can help fund by donating to the Foundation. So come to the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade where you can chat with representatives of the Brooklyn Community Foundation about their different funds and awards. Plan out this year's charity giving and take care of some holiday shopping at the same time.


Hats for Young Runners

The New York Road Runners is not only a premier running organization for adults, they also offer extensive programming for children. Their Young Runners program is a free after-school program available to underserved communities in New York City. Their Mighty Milers program teaches kids of all fitness levels and abilities how to run or walk a half-mile, two to five times a week.

When The {NewNew} found out about a drive that combined the passion of quite a few of our members namely running and knitting, they were excited to commit their time to knit up hats for some of the neediest participants in the New York Road Runner Youth programs. Modeled by some of our "honorary" members, here are the first hats about to be delivered to the NYRR.

If this inspires you to donate some of your time to a charity crafting project, check out Lion Brand Yarn's Charity Connection hub where you can find out about charity projects in your community.

Happy Crafting


A Few More Crafty Resolutions for 2011

Happy New Year!   It's that resolution time of year and if you're anything like me your crafty life could use a resolution or two.  Here are five to get you started:
Knock Knock Studio
1. Get organized
You can't work if your space is piled high in supplies. If you're organizationally challenged, check out some of our past Workspace Wednesday blogs for inspiration.  Get crafty when it comes to space saving and storage solutions turn tea boxes into drawer dividers or cans into pencil holders.  Optimize your storage space by using wall space.  I was inspired by a pegboard design in Ready Made magazine.
Journal by BlueStitchBooks
2. Use what you have before buying more
How many times have you bought supplies only to find that you already had that item?  I do it all the time – I must have a dozen sets of number 8 knitting needles!  If you've got 8 balls of the same yarn – make a project with that first. Figure out what size brushes, needles or what color pencils you need before you buy another.   I’m writing a list of all the needles I have and keeping it on my iPhone ( I bet there’s an app for that).  Write down what colors you don't have in your silkscreen paints. Keep an easily tracked inventory if needed in a notebook if you are lo-tech.  Check out some of the journals available from The {NewNew}.
Pillow by AlexandraFerguson

3. Finish at least one unfinished project before tackling a new craft
Many of us have multiple interests and mediums. If you spin and knit, finish spinning that skein and knitting that hat before moving on to a new embroidery project. Don't buy expensive screen-printing equipment when you've got 4 unfinished quilts sitting in the corner in a basket.  In other words, just say NO, temporarily that is!
4. Donate unused supplies
Did you decide that sewing was just not for you but still have a box of fabric? Give it to a nursing home. Tons of empty sketchbooks that you’re ignoring in favor of beadwork?  See if there's a daycare that can use the extra paper. Pastels a thing of the past? See if your local elementary school can use them.  Schools, nursing homes, and women's shelters are always good places to contact about donating supplies.
5. Use your powers for good
There are plenty of charities that accept handmade goods.  Sew up a stuffed toy and give it to the women's shelter. Knit some preemie hats and give them to a local hospital. For inspiration check out the hats The {NewNew} and visitors to the Maker Faire donated to Bronx-Lebanon Hospital last fall.
Share your crafty resolution for 2011 with us!  We'd love to hear from you.

Who will get these cute hats?

Newborns at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital!
The {NewNew} is kicking into high gear to prepare for the first Maker Faire in New York City to be held at the Hall of Science this Saturday and Sunday. We are collecting shirts to turn into yarn, going over our patterns and preparing kits for you to learn knitting and crocheting.(Yes YOU!) At the heart of all this work are tiny newborns joining the world at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital each day.

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center serves the South and Central Bronx and has been providing compassionate health care to those in need, regardless of their ability to pay for over a hundred years. Bronx-Lebanon's mission is to fill the role as "Doctor to the Community." They do this by regularly providing free check-ups and screenings to schools, shelters and senior citizen centers throughout the community.  These programs and many like it bring physician and medical services directly to the community where they are need the most.

The {NewNew} wants to help in a small way by donating 100 items for the babies brought into the world at Bronx Lebanon Hospital. The 100 baby items we have pledged to create starting at the Maker Faire will be put on tiny heads and feet at the hospital's new Children’s Wing that opened in 2009. The Children's wing is providing state-of-the-art inpatient and outpatient care in a family friendly environment to the children of the Bronx. But wait, there's more: We have prepared goody bags for you as a thank you for helping us with this project. So make a booty and get some booty.

With the future children of our community in mind, we look forward to hanging out with you at the Maker Faire and joining in our crafting circle at "Shirts to Hats Booth 4285". We are in Zone C right by the Bust Craftacular. Here is a map.

Broadway Bears: Carrie Fisher's Wishful Drinking Bear

The Great White Way has a lot to offer, but one more contribution that may surprise the uninitiated is Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS charity. Drawing on the star power and talents of various New Yorkers, they raise money though such unique events as the upcoming Broadway Bears Auction (not to be confused with their fundraising strip show, Broadway Bares).

One bear appearing on the auction block this year has a NewNew connection, since it was made by Kari Love of Ikyoto.

The bear of the hour represents Carrie Fisher in her hit one-woman show, Wishful Drinking. Perhaps inspired by a combination of her 2009 Conan O'Brien appearance as the liberator of the masturbating bear and the proliferation of dolls made of her in the past (noted in the show itself), Ms. Fisher was eager to have a bear in her likeness.

The bear features a "Gypsy Lace" duster of assembled and sewn fibers creating a web-like texture of yarns made by Diane Prekup, who also made the original. Underneath, she wears midnight blue silk charmeuse pajamas cut from remnants of the original Broadway garments with a pocket filled with confetti from the show. Her sandals feature silver leather straps adorned with Swarovski crystal beads. Her wig is a reproduction of her famous Princess Leia hairstyle. She has also been signed by Carrie Fisher.

(Kari proudly shows off the signature on the bear.)

You can make a bid online until the auction on February 14, 2010, or even by phone during the event if you can't attend.


{NewNew} for Good:Disaster Relief in Haiti

I work for a non-profit Foster Care/Adoption agency which has many clients from Haiti, and as such we have been given suggestions to donate for Haiti's disaster relief.

In addition to my independent donation, I have discovered a way that perhaps more could be contributed for the relief effort in Haiti.

And so for the months of January and February, I pledge to donate a percentage of The Original Beadscarf net Etsy sales to The Red Cross in order to contribute to Haiti's disaster relief. Please visit for more details.

Lingua Nigra is also running a similar campaign for Haitians in distress for the month of January.

Please feel free to comment here if you are doing any similar charitable effort within your own Etsy shop!

Thank you for your support.

Charity Partnership with Bread and Life at the SHC

The Spring Handmade Cavalcade at the Bell House in Brooklyn on May 9th & 10th is almost upon us. We are proud to announce that the {NewNew} will be hosting a local charity, St. John's Bread & Life, at the event.

Bread and Life daily addresses the issues of hunger and poverty in Brooklyn and Queens. Every day, Bread and Life serves over one thousand meals to hungry New Yorkers. They provide this service both at their Lewis Avenue facility and through their unique Mobile Soup Kitchen. Their goal is to combat poverty and help people achieve self-sufficiency, in addition to educating the public, and increasing awareness about meals to needy New Yorkers.

For a set donation to this very worthy organization, our guests get to choose from two different "Thank You Gifts" created by the {NewNew} :

For the {NewNew} Book, we asked participating vendors for one black-and-white page that fit with the themes of Renewal, Transformation, Growth and Community. The zine is inclusive and we accepted all submissions, so there are some really fun and unexpected images and pieces of writing. Most of the contributors, being artists and craftspeople, made pages that were art in themselves or somehow concerned ways of making artwork. Here is a sampling of submissions:

- A recipe for creating homemade kombucha
- A list of free museum days in NYC
- various beautiful digital collages and pieces of artwork
- a tutorial for making a soda-bottle watering system for plants
- a couple of tutorials for giving old clothing new life
- a few recipes for simple and easy-to-make dishes like black beans or popovers
- photos of Bread & Life
- a story about community service for animals

The {NewNew} Book is a limited edition of only 35, so donate early if you would like to receive this "Thank You Gift."

The second option for your donation, the "Thank You Gift", will be a Surprise Box. Each take-out box will conceal a handmade surprise. Inspired by Bread and Life's focus on renewal and transformation, recycled materials were used by {NewNew} members to make these handmade goodies. The box contents vary in retail value from $3-$15, so take a chance and find out what is inside.

If you are interested in making an additional donation, check out Bread & Life's online donation page, but keep in mind that you will only be able to receive these "Thank You Gifts" by coming to the Spring Handmade Cavalcade. Hope to see you there!

What's the shape of your love?

What’s the shape of your love? The Carnival of Love Foundation coined the word “loveprint” to signify that our love is as unique as our fingerprint, coming in many colors, shapes and sizes, and despite our differences, it’s the one thing that truly unites us all. They named their campaign: “What’s the shape of your love?” asking people to pause and reflect on the significance of their lives in spreading love and light to others. What imprint will you leave in this world?

The Carnival of Love Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization who believes that all children deserve the right to a happy and fulfilled life and are dedicated to raising awareness and funds to support abandoned, orphaned, abused, neglected, and terminally ill children around the world. The organization is founded on the principles that we all have the power to make a difference in this world, and that by sharing light, love and hope with underprivileged children we can make a significant impact on their lives and pave the way for a brighter future.

Originally the organization started off as a community project from a leadership program, then a group of long-time friends got together and transformed the project into a fun and festive fundraiser. The group, feeling blessed to have experienced the benefits of growing up in a close-knit, supporting and loving community of family and friends, felt that every child deserved the same right.

After much research, the Foundation chose to support the tremendous efforts of SOS Children's Villages, the largest orphan charity in the world. The SOS Children’s Villages is an international, non-governmental social development organization that has been active in the field of children's rights and committed to children's needs since 1949. The villages assist children, worldwide, that have either lost their parents or who cannot be raised by their biological family by offering them an emotionally stable, family-like environment throughout their lives, especially during the challenging years of transition into adulthood. They are known for creating lasting relationships with the children and being there to cherish the various milestones in their lives. For more information visit:

On Friday, February 27, 2009, The Carnival of Love Foundation will host its Second Annual “Apokries” Carnival of Patras, Greece Fundraiser to benefit the children of SOS Children's Villages of Greece. Central Lounge will transform into a fantasy-like Carnival playground complete with breath-taking entertainment, elaborately costumed performers, and raffle giveaways. There will also be courtyard festivities including cotton candy, popcorn, candy apples, face painters, photo booths, caricature artists and more.

History of the Patras Carnival or Patrino Carnavali

The Patras Carnival is the largest carnival event in Greece and the biggest in Europe, with more than 160 years of history. The events begin on January 17th and lasts up to Clean Monday also known as Pure Monday, Ash Monday, or Monday of Lent. The Patras Carnival is a variety of events that includes balls, parades, hunting of hidden treasure, kids’ carnival etc. The last weekend of Carnival consists of parades of carnival groups, floats and a closing ceremony. With an effort to bring this wonderful Greek tradition to NY, and the ideas of spreading love and raising money for children, the Carnival of Love Foundation has incorporated Patras Carnival’s cultural traditions and made it the theme for a monumental fundraising event.

WOW- did you know?

WOW stands for World-Orphan-Week - from February 9th-15th- an annual fundraising event during which everyone is invited to have fun and help orphaned and abandoned children by 'wearing something WOW' for one day and donating to SOS Children, the world's largest orphan charity. By participating in World-Orphan-Week, and encouraging others to do so, you can help SOS Children give orphaned and abandoned children a new mother, home and family … for life!

With that said put on a crazy outfit, preferably something colorful and head over to a wonderful fundraising event!

Carnival of Love Foundation
Central Sushi Bar and Lounge
February 27th, 2009
Doors open at 10pm
20-30 Steinway street, Astoria, Queens
Admissionis $30 at the door which includes a drink pass, masquerade mask, and access to all carnival festivities in the courtyard.
Pre-event tickets can be purchased for $25 by calling 646-717-7113 or by emailing

There will be a courtyard full of festivities, also I will be there vending for the charity. The Carnival of Love Foundation has asked me to design bracelets for the Foundation that represent their charity, theme colors, the carnival, and their logo.

Buy Handmade

Did I mention that there will be raffle prizes? All event tickets purchased in advance enter you into the raffle prizes. The grand prize is a flat screen HD television, the full prize list is TBA soon! For all you handmade lovers, some of the members of the NewNew have volunteered to donate beautiful raffle prizes!

Thank you everyone for all your support and LOVE! Hope to see you all there!


The {NewNew} Handmade Valentines

Want to give something meaningful this Valentine's Day?

Etsy is partnering with City Meals on Wheels to deliver hot meals to 18,000 elderly in our area and on top of that - they want to brighten their day with YOUR handmade Valentine's cards. For details on how youc an particpate - visit The Storque for instuctions. Too late to make and send you Valentine? You can always donate directly to here!

Thanks so much to Groundsel, Jack Blue Hand Bags, Jantar, Waisze, MSwedowsky and Kokalaki Jewelry for making and donating these fantastically unique cards to the elderly in our area.