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Valentine's Day isn't just for from local Etsians

For the cat lover. Card by DeborahJulian

I never liked Valentine's day as a single person. To me it was just a reminder of how single I was and all those thoughts of why am I hoo.  Now that I am married there is pressure to do something on Valentine's Day.  And when we do celebrate I feel as though I am being obnoxious to those who don't have anyone. Ok obviously Valentine's doesn't work for me either way.  However coming from a family of 5 kids, my sisters and my parents would always send Valentine's to us.  As an adult living in the same city as one of my sisters, I would find a Valentine gift at my door that morning. It always made me smile or laugh and feel loved.  Valentines are for everyone, not just lovers.

Here are a few gift ideas for your friend, your sister, your brother, your child, your parent....all from members of Etsy New York.

for the friend who is always late, Vanilla Green Tea clock by Newyorkclocks

There are so many gifts to choose from the Etsy NY Team. Just go to and in the search box type etsynyteam.

Get shopping, you have 7 days!

Tracey Toole

12 Days of Etsy Christmas

I always thought the Twelve Days of Christmas were the twelve that lead up to Christmas Day; all those pipers pipping. Not. The Twelve Days are the festive days beginning on December 25th. They end 12 days later.

Also known as Christmastide, or Twelvetide (really, who calls it that, elves living in a hollow tree?) it ends on January 5th, the day before the Epiphany, which is always on January 6th. In some cases, gifts are given on Christmas Day, but in other traditions, one gift a day is given. Here is an Etsy Twelve Days of Christmas for each of the 12 nights, beginning December 25th!

MacBook Air 11" cover, $105 from Fritz and Fraulein Vintage Redesign.

Twinings English Breakfast Tea Tin Clock, $18 from New York Clocks.

Handmade Going Bananas Body Bar Soap (with real banana) $7, by Nordea Soaperie.

Unique Lucite Necklace with Oxidized Silver $29 from Wish by Felicity.

Owl on bright pink tissue cozy, $5 from Felt It.

Red Hooded Handprinted Sleeveless Dress, $140, from Better Than Jam.

Chevron ring, $50 from Virginie Millefiori.

Frida Kahlo light switch cover, $12 from Lu Crafts.

Liquor gift bags from K. Batty Design & Stationary Shop.

Unicorn horn hair clip, $22 from Brooklyn Owl.

Celtic Triangle Knotwork Bookmark at beinthemoment, $40.

Labour of Love necklace from AdornmentsNYC $32.

Happy Holidays from  Wink&Flip!

Look Ma, I Can Sew!

This blog post is not so much a tutorial, but more of an inspirational story. I often have big ideas, but sometimes I don't follow through for fear of failure. This time around...I did it!

I purchased an iPad for my birthday last month. I was a bit nervous spending so much money, but it was my birthday after all! While I was checking out, the cashier asked me if I wanted additional screen protection insurance (or whatever it's called). I thanked her, but declined. She shook her head and clearly expressed her disapproval at my decision. I couldn't shake that feeling of dread as I walked back to the subway.

I immediately went online and purchased a hard magnetic cover, but my iPad still felt "exposed" as I carried it around in my purse, so I decided to make a padded sleeve for additional protection. I did a lot of research and found a tutorial that didn't seem too difficult. I have a sewing machine, but never really made something like an iPad sleeve.

I ordered some fabric, batting, a rotary cutter, a cutting mat, a clear acrylic ruler, and got to work!

I cut out my fabric carefully, measuring everything with precision. I learned about tacking, squaring up fabric, pinning my hems...lots of things!

I did have a few issues with finishing the hem, but worked it out. The velcro tabs didn't stick, so I ended up stitching them by hand. I showed the cover to a friend (an experienced seamstress,) and she was impressed with the work I had done. I won't lie and say it was easy. It took me about 5 hours to do, and there were times of frustration, but I didn't give up!

Now, I take my iPad everywhere! Of course, this doesn't guarantee that an accident won't happen, but I feel a bit more relaxed about taking my iPad on the go. My mom just bought an iPad, and I had her pick out fabric so I can make her a sleeve too!

So, I hope you are inspired to attempt a project of your own....happy crafting!


Artful Embroidery

So, I admit to being a bit obsessed with embroidery. The act of creating art out of thread is very appealing to me. Especially since my drawing skills are not much advanced past stick figures.

I taught myself how to embroider by buying a couple of books and practicing. There are so many different stitches that can be used to create beautiful pieces of art.

I love this card which spells out a cute & clever message with thread. I also love how there are different colors used to create contrast on the white background.

This beautiful flowering tree is a stand alone picture. The embroidery is fantastic, and becomes its own picture frame by hanging it with the hoop! It would be great to hang a few of these clustered together on the same wall.

The holidays are right around the corner...these little Christmas tree ornaments are super cute!

I hope you have been inspired as much as I have! Embroidery is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. What I love most of all, is that it is easy to do on the go....something to pass the time while commuting to work.


Price Conscious Wedding Party Presents

Weddings budgets are inevitably stretched as everything little thing (items you never thought you could spend hours/days obsessing over) adds up. To thank those special people in your bridal party who were by your side helping further your perfect day, here’s a list of some budget conscious yet unique items to stock up on. Best of all, the selection below, are gender neutral.

For $15 and under, you could purchase a bag of yummy chocolate candy from Craquerockshop, or another indulgent option would be a room diffuser such as the Ocean Mist Reed Diffuser by DewOnAPetalHome. If you want to present something more permanent, consider a stoneware plate such as the Bike Your Heart Out piece by MayLuk. A nickel-plated seahorse keychain from CoquiAinjelfire also bears an inspirational and magical sentiment.If you have a little more to spend, consider functional yet decorative favors such as a gently aromatic Vintage Tea Cup Candle ($22) by LuCrafts
or these delightful Silhouetted Wood Coasters ($25) by Peppersprouts.
The {NewNew} on Etsy is full of more original items with which you may shower tokens of appreciation to your special people, without ever breaking the bank.


Baby, It's Cold Outside :: A Baby Leg Warmer How-To!

As a mom of a ten-month old, it's very tempting to keep my daughter in her pajamas all day during the winter. Pajamas are easy. They make diaper changes a snap. They keep her warm. But what about all those cute dresses and long-sleeved onesies lying dormant in her clothing baskets? Will I be forced to tell Aunt Edna that I never got around to putting my daughter in that awesome dress she gave us at our baby shower because it was too cold (or, ahem, that I was too lazy)?

Thankfully, there is a solution to this age old problem that I'm sure is plaguing all of us at night. Baby legwarmers are the solution to style, comfort, and ease in these cold winter months. They don't have to be removed while changing diapers, and they keep chubby baby legs toasty and protected. They look really cool with a dress. You will definitely be labeled as the cool mom.

The pattern for baby legwarmers is quite easy, and you can easily use leftover yarn (you will need about 40 grams total). Just a small caution: this project requires small knitting needles and fingerling yarn, so progress might be a little slow. But rest assured, the end product is well worth the work!

Baby Legwarmers (fits babies 0 - 18 months, maybe longer!)

1 set of US #2 double-pointed needles
Fingerling yarn in two colors (I used Lanette Superwash in Peach and Mauve. You can make 2 sets of baby legwarmers if you alternate the colors.)

1. Cast on 60 stitches in Mauve, making sure stitches are loose
2. Distribute the stitches evenly on three needles (20 stitches per needle) and join in a circle
3. Knit 2x2 rib for 1.5 inches
4. Switch to Peach yarn and do straight stockinette stitch until 5 inches long from cast on
6. *K5, K2tog and repeat from * to end of round
7. *K4, K2tog and repeat from * to end of round
8. Knit straight for another 2 inches
9. *K3, K2tog and repeat from * to end of round
10. Switch back to Mauve yarn
11. Knit 2x2 rib for another 1.5 inches
12. Bind off
13. Repeat for other side

Stay warm!

Windows of Agate

A Four-Hole Binding How-to

Here's a great way to compliment all your etsy gifts and in a pinch this can serve as a last minute gift too. This binding is simple, elegant and adds a unique touch to the everyday card or book. You can use single sheets of paper, so you can use smaller pieces of paper, even scraps. You can use as many pages as you’d like, for a little book, or a few, like I’m doing now, to make a card. This ones for my pops.

Heres what you’ll need:
+ a selection of papers (best to have heavy stock papers for the covers)
+ thread, linen thread is best but floss will work well too. Cotton/sewing thread can be used too, but be careful not to pull too tight or you can rip your paper.
+ heavy weight needle (to poke holes)
+ awl
+ binder clip
+ cardboard
+ ruler
+ embellishments- photo corners, pictures, paper scraps, anything you’d like…

Prep: Gather your supplies and papers to bind. Cut pages to the size you want and embellish as you’d like. I’m using scraps of vintage lined paper, so I can write a note, and photographs with photo corners. Think about having a combo of lined, blank and decorative pages. Keep in mind that the binding will fall on the left hand side, the spine, so leave 3/8 inch for this. It’s better to do whatever writing/decorating before binding.

1.Order your pages and with a binder clip secure them together to keep them from wiggling around. Score or draw a faint line 3/8 inch from the spine to mark the line you’ll stitch.

2.Place pages on the cardboard and punch holes with an awl or heavy weight needle along the 3/8 inch line. You can eye ball it or measure out four evenly placed holes. Like this----->

<--3. Knot the end of the thread and you’re ready to bind. Remember to pull the thread taunt but not too tight, because you can rip the paper. (You can follow these steps and images here or use this detailed diagram, at right and click to enlarge. This might sound complicated, but really it's so, so easy. Just try it!) In hole 3 insert the needle in between the center pages and come out through the top of the book.

4. Make a loop around the spine of the book and into hole 3 again. Your thread and needle are now at the top of the book.------>

5. Pull the needle down through hole 2, from the top to the bottom of the book. Again loop around the spine and pull the needle through hole 2 once more. Needle and thread will be at the back of the book.

6. Repeat step 5 for hole 1, but after you loop around the spine now loop around the top of the book. You will pass through hole 1 three times. Once you’ve done that your needle and thread are at the top of the book. (image right)

7. Now pass down through hole 2, from the top to the bottom of the book, up through hole three, and down through hole 4. You are basically stitching down the book filling in the gaps.

8. At hole 4 make a loop around the spine, bringing the needle up form the bottom of the book and then down through the top. Loop around the bottom of the book, needle passing from bottom to top.

<---9. Last step… You’re ready to complete the binding by returning to the original sewing station, hole 2. Instead of pulling the needle and thread all the way through hole 2 pierce the hole from the back of the book towards the top, but only go to the center of the book—just like when you started. Meet the begining thread and tie a knot to finish.

10. Did! Done! You’re great…. Make it happen!

If you have time I hope you’ll try this . I know you’ll love what you make and so will those who you share it with! While it would be great, not everyone has the time to devote to making so check out warpeDesign, waisze and JournalisticTendency for great cards and books.

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed this!