Valentine's Day isn't just for from local Etsians

For the cat lover. Card by DeborahJulian

I never liked Valentine's day as a single person. To me it was just a reminder of how single I was and all those thoughts of why am I hoo.  Now that I am married there is pressure to do something on Valentine's Day.  And when we do celebrate I feel as though I am being obnoxious to those who don't have anyone. Ok obviously Valentine's doesn't work for me either way.  However coming from a family of 5 kids, my sisters and my parents would always send Valentine's to us.  As an adult living in the same city as one of my sisters, I would find a Valentine gift at my door that morning. It always made me smile or laugh and feel loved.  Valentines are for everyone, not just lovers.

Here are a few gift ideas for your friend, your sister, your brother, your child, your parent....all from members of Etsy New York.

for the friend who is always late, Vanilla Green Tea clock by Newyorkclocks

There are so many gifts to choose from the Etsy NY Team. Just go to and in the search box type etsynyteam.

Get shopping, you have 7 days!

Tracey Toole