Fashion Fall Preview at Brooklyn Indie Market

New York Independent Designers Have Got You Covered Under The Other Tent
September 18th, 11am-7pm At Brooklyn Indie Market Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn-Didn’t receive your invitation to Fall Fashion week? Never fear, Brooklyn Indie Market, on the corner of Smith and Union Street gets you on the “A list” with an unveiling of this seasons fall collections, keeping you current with ...a 2pm “Fashion A La Mode” fashion show, featuring just out-of-the-gate designers. and The {NewNew} present you shopping within reach all day long at Brooklyn Indie Market. Take the F/G train to Carroll Street Station, admission FREE.

2 pm Fashion Show Under The Red and White Striped Tent presented by the ladies of the Gotham Girls Roller Derby, who will also be holding a silent auction. Proceeds will go toward supporting the training and travel for their athletes who represent New York City on the national stage, and assist in the development of community outreach programs.

Sponsored by the {NewNew} and Better Than Jam Design Coop, 20 designers will showcase the latest in fall fashion from the independent design scene, offering you the opportunity to add the latest fashions to your wardrobe, at affordable prices. Preview the collections of up-and-coming designers under the red and white striped tent; from tunic dresses by BShorr (, to flirty bags by LolafalkDesigns ( “Fashion A La Mode” Fall collections preview puts you in sync with the forefront in design bringing you limited edition styles.

Some of the new collections unveiled include:
Better Than Jam ‘s (, screen printed designs with a bright color palette full of tunic dresses in soft bamboo cotton or more wintry styles with over sized collars and hoods. Stunning gold jewelry from Lingua Nigra ( in bold or
ganic shapes and textures - first time at the Market. Kimmchi’s ( designs now in the muted tones of fall, with some new designs in the mix.

Additional participating vendors will include:
Adornments NYC, Allene La Spina, Groundsel, KnitKnit, Melianna,Nemesis Jewelry, Sans Map

Fall Colors Make Me Swoon

Only a couple more weeks until autumn officially begins! I love the deep browns, olives, and vibrant oranges that come into fashion when the weather turns chilly. You can get dressed from head to toe with a handmade outfit from the talented designers of the {NewNew}.

Start off with a brown Pillowcase Tunic by BShorr

Paired with this lovely Plaid Skirt by Rocks and Salt

Slip on this beautifully tailored Olive Herringbone Jacket by Jesswitaj

Pin a Cameo Brooch by KnitKnit on your coat

Bring along a Dark Green Neckwarmer by MellowBeing for when the weather turns chilly

And hang The Jackie Shoulder Bag by LolaFalk on your shoulder as you head out into a brisk fall day.

For more fall fashions, be sure to check out the Fall Fashion Preview at the Brooklyn Indie Market in Carroll Gardens on September 18, from 11am - 7pm.


Where to Find the {NewNew} July 24 + 25

As July winds down, take advantage of these lazy summer days by strolling through some of the best markets NYC has to offer. Explore an area you have never been to and perhaps fall in love with a new designer's work along the way.

What: The {NewNew} Treasure Chest Store on Governors Island When: Friday 10am - 4pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm
Where: House 6B in Nolan Park on Governors Island. Take the free ferry at the Battery Maritime Building in Manhattan or at Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 6 (Brooklyn ferries only run on weekends). More directions of ferry schedules here.
Who: Over 30 {NewNew} artists - check out the complete list here.
Governors Island Fun Fact: This NYC getaway has amazing events every week. You may have already missed Prince Harry playing polo (and subsequently falling off a horse? So I've heard...) or the punk rockers weekend, but you're sure to find something uniquely New York when you check it out on any given Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

What: Hester Street Fair
When: Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm
Where: Hester and Essex Street.
Who: {NewNew} artisans will be there all weekend. On Saturday, see EnchantraGirl and LoellaMedina. On Sunday, visit Laterlierdesbijoux, FiskAndFern, and SaskiaDeVries.
Hester Street Fun Fact: This market is curated and offerings fall into three categories: handmade items, vintage finds, and food.

What: Brooklyn Flea
When: Saturday 10am - 5pm.
Where: 176 Clermont between Clermont and Vanderbilt.
Brooklyn Flea Fun Fact: Time Out New York calls the Brooklyn Flea "One of New York's Essential Pick-Up Spots." Wow!


Kidding Around With Starting Artists on July 17

This Saturday July 17, Starting Artists and The {NewNew} will join forces to bring you a kid focused shop-and-swap event under the red and white tent of the Brooklyn Indie Market. The event will feature vendors with kid-focused products such as Rosirouge and her original Hank Blanky patchwork quilts and vintage inspired toys, Playground Rockstar who dresses up kids in cool t-shirts, the whimsical birds and monsters of Purty Bird, and practical overalls of Overall Baby. Top it all off with Pickle Petunia's yummy treats.

You should also stop by and chat with our partners Starting Artists. Their mission is to bring hands-on arts and entrepreneurship training to middle and high-school students by providing afterschool and vacation programs. Students learn about a number of different disciplines such as printmaking, graphic design, animation, and crafts along with basic business skills associated with the arts. To find out more about their programs stop by their table at the Brooklyn Indie Market.

Oh, and don't forget to bring a book. There will be a children's book swap at the market. “Kids can learn the value of thrift and community by participating in the kids’ book swap,” said Kathy Malone, owner of Brooklyn Indie Market. “They can bring a book to trade, and go home with something cool and handmade too!”

The Brooklyn Indie Market is located under the red and white striped tent on Smith and Union Street, Carroll Gardens,Brooklyn


Where to Find the {NewNew} July 10 + 11

If you're on stay-cation mode this summer, the perfect NYC market is calling you for a visit! Take a day to browse those great artisan markets that you've been meaning to swing by. I'm sure something - whether a sweet piece of jewelry, unique piece of apparel, nifty houseware item, or adorable baby gift - is beckoning you.
What: The {NewNew} Treasure Chest Store on Governors Island
When: Friday 10am - 4pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm
Where: House 6B in Nolan Park on Governors Island. Take the free ferry at the Battery Maritime Building in Manhattan or at Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 6 (Brooklyn ferries only run on weekends). More directions of ferry schedules here.
Who: Over 30 {NewNew} artists - check out the complete list here.
Governors Island Fun Fact: This NYC getaway has car-free biking. Bring your bike or rent one there. Friday visitors get a free hour of bike rentals!

What: Hester Street Fair
When: Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm
Where: Hester and Essex Street.
Who: {NewNew} artisans will be there all weekend. On Saturday, see Izile, CardsInStitches, & JennaNewton. On Sunday, visit PurtyBird, SaskiaDeVries, & FiskAndFern.
Hester Street Fun Fact: This was the exact location of a famous, bustling outdoor market back in the late 1800's and early 1900's where people would shop for everything from bread, tea, produce and livestock.

What: Brooklyn Flea
When: Saturday 10am - 5pm.
Where: 176 Clermont between Clermont and Vanderbilt.
Brooklyn Flea Fun Fact: The New York Times calls the Brooklyn Flea "One of the great urban experiences in New York."

What: Brooklyn Indie Market
When: Sunday 11am - 6pm.
Where: Red and white striped tent on Smith and Union Street, Carroll Gardens.
Who: {NewNew} Carroll Gardenite WabisabiBrooklyn
Brooklyn Indie Market Fun Fact: The Brooklyn Indie Market was the dream of Kathy Malone who saw potential in a vacant lot in Carroll Gardens. Through persistence and perseverance, she was able to get permission from government officials to use the space as a weekly artisan market.


Where to Find the {NewNew} June 5 + 6

The beginning of June brings with it a whole host of great handmade shopping options. From the opening of Governors Island to the delights of the Renegade Craft Fair at McCarren Park, you are sure to find a perfect handmade something to kick off the summer. Check out {NewNew}ers at the following markets:
As you already know, the {NewNew} is hosting a pop-up shop on the sandy banks of Governors Island. Over thirty vendors have their products displayed at one of the historic homes in Nolan Park. All summer, you can take the free ferry to Governors Island from Friday to Sunday and enjoy the free bike riding, concerts, and family activities while also doing some handmade shopping.
Location: House 6B in Nolan Park, Governors Island. Friday 10:30am - 4pm, Saturday & Sunday 10:30am - 6pm.
Check out directions here.

The Renegade Craft Fair has a national reputation for bringing together talented handmade artisans for a weekend shopping extravaganza. Shop for dad, shop for your friend's birthday, shop in advance for the holidays, shop for yourself! Be sure to look out for {NewNew} artisans VirginiaKraljevic, jTopolski, NordeaSoaperie, KnitKnit, ClayWood&Cotton, AdornmentsNYC, KimmChi, BetterThanJam, CharlieAndSarah, ClaudiaPearson, DwellDeep, FiskAndFern, JDavisStudio, MetropolisSoapCo, MiniatureRhino, OonaghNaturals, RocksAndSalt, and SarahKathleenWarner.
Location: McCarren Park, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Saturday and Sunday, 11am - 7pm.

The Brooklyn Flea still remains the staple for craft enthusiasts all over. This week, the {NewNew} tent will be inhabited by YaniaCreations, IreneCStudio, and PureSpa2.
Location: 176 Lafayette Avenue between Clermont and Vanderbilt, Brooklyn. Saturday, 10am - 5pm.

If you haven't stopped by the Hester Street Market, don't delay! Wonderful food and artisan vendors take over this historic location every weekend. {NewNew} members WishByFelicity, MShoelace, and PriavandaPatel will be there this Saturday.

This Saturday at the Brooklyn Indie Market, you'll find Wabisabi Brooklyn, Fofolle's beautiful skirts and LadyThree with revamped vintage jewelry.
Location: Red and white striped tent. Saturday, 11am - 7pm.

South Street Seaport is not just a tourist location anymore! Even the most die hard New Yorker can find something fun and unusual in this area, especially with the advent of the Fulton Stall Market on South Street between Fulton and Beeker Streets. Spice and lavender vendors evoke a bazaar atmosphere, while local bread makers, wineries, and olive oil will keep your stomach happy. The {NewNew} continues to partner with the Fulton Stall Market to give you high quality artisan goods to complement the food aspect, so stop by on Sunday and check out WishByFelicity, LennyMud, LittleBunny, Metalicious, and ElementsForInspiredLiving.
Location: South Street between Fulton and Beeker, Manhattan. Sunday, 12pm - 6pm.

Happy June!


Where to Find the {NewNew} May 22 + 23

Handmade Shopping Tip #3
Finding Your Favorite Handmade Artisan Again

You stroll through a spring market and pass by a booth with stunning handprinted tea towels*. You backtrack. You buy one, take it home, and realize it's not only the most beautiful thing in your kitchen, but it's super soft, super absorbent, and easy to clean. You want to buy 10 more as gifts for your entire family. But wait - the tea towel doesn't have the designer's name on it. You paid with cash, so you don't have a receipt. You go back to the market the following weekend and search through all the booths to locate the mystery tea towel seller, but you can't find her again. What to do?

The wonderful thing about handmade products is that it lacks that huge tags emblazoned with a company's logo. Unfortunately, it also means that you might not be able to find that artist that you love. Here are some tips to relocate your favorite handmade artisan.

1. Sign up to be on "the list". Many artists send out newsletters with information about new products, upcoming craft fairs they'll be selling at, or when there are special promotions. Be sure to join - you can always unsubscribe later.

2. Take a business card. But don't just grab a business card, throw it in your shopping bag, and throw it out when you get home! Take a second to make a note on the back about what product you like, or to write a reminder like, "Great gift idea for Aunt Sara!" That way you won't forget why you picked up that card.

3. Put the business cards you collect in one place rather than let them collect in your junk drawer. I like to punch a hole in the top left hand corner and then put them all on a metal book ring to keep them all together.

4. Find out if the artist has a blog. Then subscribe!

Now, put these tips into action this weekend, as there will be plenty of opportunity to shop for amazing handmade items from the {NewNew}!

This Saturday, Karen Sieger, the author of Markets of New York, will be doing book signings at the Brooklyn Indie Market. To help celebrate the event, {NewNew} artisans will be selling their wares! Stop by and check out WabisabiBrooklyn, KimmChi, KnitKnit, OffTheMat, OwlidayInn, MetropolisSoap, Fofolle, and MayLuk.
Location: Red and white tent at Smith between President and Union, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Saturday, 11am - 7pm.

Hester Street continues to get great press and large turnouts at this hopping Lower East Side Market. Get a taste of old NYC by visiting this historic hotspot. This Saturday you'll find the following vendors:
HeartFelt4Kids: Colorful and charming natural fiber and eco-friendly wool and bamboo felt children's apparel.
Elements4InspirdLivng: One-of-a-kind fashion accessories and unique decorative items for the home.
PriaVanda: Unique hand-woven stationary.
Location: Hester and Essex Street, Manhattan. Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 6pm.

The Brooklyn Flea continues to be a strong presence on the local handmade scene, and the {NewNew} table has yet another strong line-up of vendors. Keep an eye out for CardsInStitches, AdornmentsNYC, and BhekiPainting this Saturday at the Fort Greene Flea.
Location: 176 Lafayette Avenue between Clermont and Vanderbilt. Saturday, 10am - 5pm.

The {NewNew} team will have a curated table at the famous BUST Spring Craftacular with fantastic items from a variety of {NewNew} artisans. Be sure to look out for them at this fabulous spring event!
Location: The Warsaw, 261 Driggs Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Sunday, 11am - 7pm


*The tea towels I'm referring to are from Cakehouse and ClaudiaPearson. I love both designers!

Where to Find the {NewNew} May 1 + 2

Handmade Shopping Tip #2
Interacting with the Artisan

The wonderful thing about buying at handmade marketplaces is the opportunity to meet the person behind the product. Unfortunately, so many buyers don't take advantage of talking to the artist while they are perusing items. However, you can learn so much about the artist's inspiration, the materials they use, and their process if you just ask. Most artists are so happy to answer these questions - it shows an appreciation for their work and their craft. Particularly, the {NewNew} artisans have a reputation for being the nicest artists around. The next time you see them, be sure to smile back at them and ask a question or two. I'm sure you'll gain so much more respect for the great product you're buying from them!

Just to whet your appetite, did you know...

VirginiaKraljevic uses a technical pen with a very fine tip to create her beautiful illustrations. Her more intricate illustrations take up to 40 hours to complete!
MayLuk's gorgeous platters, bowls, and plates are made by high fire to cone 8 - 1268 degrees Celsius in an electric kiln.

LinguaNigra's stunning jewelry uses a process called reticulation, which requires melting brass to create beautiful ridges and valleys. This melting process takes hours to complete.

This weekend, find {NewNew} artisans all around the city and beyond! Check them out at...

Always a fabulous event, the Brooklyn Lyceum's Spring Food and Craft Market consistently draws in record crowds with incredible artisans and food vendors. This year, the market is taking over two floors of the Brooklyn Lyceum's building. Check out the following {NewNew} vendors at this event!
* Wall art and clothing by ApertureAgog
* Papergoods by CollectiveElements
* Unique cards by Designs By Aliza
* LuCrafts & LuCraftsCandles with scented soy candles in vintage tea cups and other unique containers, lightswitch covers, and art magnets
* Lenny Mud with witty and colorful ceramics
* Nordea Soaperie's soap and body product lines
* Oonagh Naturals with bath and body products
* Off The Mat with yoga inspired goods
* fine art prints and illustrations by Virginia Kraljevic
* j*topolski with jewelry, prints and ceramics inspired by nature and a touch of the macabre
* Stationery Designer Alton Weekes will be selling fabulous one-of-a-kind paper cards
* May Luk Ceramics will have her gorgeous ceramics.
* Painted-with-pins cards and lampshades by warpeDesign
* Citybitz will be there with her NY accessories
* Panda With Cookie will have delightful plush monsters, children's clothing and tote bags
* KnitKnit with unique knitted and felted accessories
* One-of-a-kind toys for infants and children by Windows Of Agate
* The {NewNew} Team table will have work from KimmChi, Adornments NYC, Wish By Felicity, Lingua Nigra, Peppersprouts and Groundsel
Location: 227 4th Avenue (between Union and President Streets), Park Slope, Brooklyn. Saturday and Sunday, 11am - 7pm.

Karen Seiger, author of the new book Markets of NY, will be selling her book at the Brooklyn Lyceum this weekend. Many {NewNew} artisans are featured in her book and blog, and they are offering a promotion when you buy a copy. Check out their offers below!

LuCrafts/LuCraftsCandles 20% off purchase
Virginia Kraljevic 20% off purchase
May Luk Ceramics 20% off handmade ceramics
Rocks and Salt 10% off hats
KnitKnit 10% off any one item
Nordea Soaperie free 1.5 oz. body polish with $45.00 purchase

{NewNew} artisans Elments4InspirdLivng and LoellaMedina will be at the Hester Street Market this Saturday. Last weekend was an incredibly successful opening with press coverage all over the NYC papers. Be sure to stop by and see what everyone is talking about!
Location: Hester and Essex Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan. Saturday and Sunday, 10 am - 6pm.

Brooklyn Indie Market in gorgeous Carroll Gardens will have Lady Three Designs with handmade and revamped vintage jewelry along with hand printed gift tags and cards.
Location: Red and white striped tent on Smith Street between Union and President, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Saturday 11am - 7pm. Sunday, 11am - 6pm.

IreneCStudio will be selling beautifully crafted modern metal and gemstone jewelry at this bi-monthly market at the Old American Can Factory.
Location: 232 Third Street at Third Avenue, Gowanus, Brooklyn. Sunday, 11am - 5pm.

May Fair

The Church of the Holy Trinity is hosting their May Fair where IreneCStudio will be selling beautifully crafted modern metal and gemstone jewelry.
Location: East 88th St between 1st and 2nd Ave, Upper East Side. Saturday, 11am - 6pm.

Hoboken Arts & Music Festival

The Hoboken Arts & Music Festival will have over 300 artisans, local businesses, and food vendors along with three stages with live music. Stephanie of Metalicious will be there with her award-winning, contemporary sterling silver jewelry and Joan of Citybitz will have her NY accessories and a few Hoboken items for sale.
Location: Washington Street - Observer Highway to 7th Street. Sunday, 11am - 6pm.


Where to Find the {NewNew} April 10 + 11

The Brooklyn Flea opens up the Fort Greene season this Saturday and continues at the One Hanson bank building on Sunday. Lots of {NewNew} artisans will make your trip to this famous handmade marketplace worthwhile. On Saturday, see KimmChi, WabisabiBrooklyn, AdornmentsNYC, NordeaSoaperie, and YaniaCreations. Then on Sunday, check out LoellaMedina, LittleBunny, and OonaghNaturals.
Saturday Location: Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, Lafayette Avenue between Clermont and Vanderbilt Avenues. 10am - 6pm.
Sunday Location: One Hanson Place, Brooklyn. 10am - 5pm.

The success of last weekend's opening of the Brooklyn Indie Market marked the beginning of what looks to be a great season for this Carroll Garden hot spot. This weekend, make sure to stop by and see {NewNew} members BhekiPainting with her art prints and bags, Fofolle's chic skirts, and IreneCStudio's modern metal jewelry.
Location: Red and white striped tent on the corner of Smith and Union Streets. Saturday, 11am - 7pm and Sunday, 11am - 6pm.

Where to Find the {NewNew} April 3 + 4

You know that spring is here when the Brooklyn Indie Market opens up for a new season! The {NewNew} will have a presence here, with members WabisabiBrooklyn, KimmChi, Fofolle, HeartFelt4Kids, Elements4InspirdLivng, RocksAndSalt, OffTheMat, and MetropolisSoapCo representing. Take a trip to lovely Carroll Gardens for this great emerging designer market.
Location: Red and white striped tent on Smith and Union Street, Brooklyn. Saturday 11am - 7pm and Sunday 11am - 6pm.

The Brooklyn Flea finishes off its' final full weekend at the One Hanson location this weekend. For the rest of April, this famous market will resume at the outdoor Fort Greene location on Saturdays and the One Hanson bank building on Sundays. {NewNew} artisans will be enjoying the friendly vibe and selling their fabulous handmade wares, with NordeaSoaperie, WishByFelicity, and YaniaCreations on Saturday and IreneCStudio, Vyphuisdesigns, and LittleBunny on Sunday.
Location: One Hanson Place, Brooklyn. Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 5pm.