Hawaii Part II

I’m back from Hawaii with lots of new goodies!

My Hawaii trip fabric stash.

My Hawaii trip fabric stash.

Rather than buying the typical souvenir, I prefer visiting local fabric stores to pick out prints that inspire me during my travels.  Everything was so beautiful there that it was hard to not overload my luggage with yards and yards of fabric!  I knew for sure I wanted some bold island prints to make into crop-tops and dresses so I could incorporate the Hawaiian vacation look into my wardrobe without looking tacky.  Sadly, the Hawaiian shirts I see in tourist shops just aren’t for me. 

Koa wood turtle buttons.

Koa wood turtle buttons.

And with the strong Japanese cultural influence in Hawaii, I was also pleasantly surprised to find a great selection of intricate Japanese print fabrics!

Unfortunately, with working full time as a dentist, I barely manage to keep my Etsy shop running, so I’m super impressed that my fellow Moobowy partner (etsy shop collaboration with My Cute Bow) managed to complete a gorgeous kimono robe with the fabric she bought in Hawaii.

Check out My Cute Bow’s awesome DIY kimono robe tutorial here!

For more fashion tips, cosplay and DIY, checkout  My Cute Bow blog .

For more fashion tips, cosplay and DIY, checkout My Cute Bow blog.

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