Daytrips from NYC - The Hamptons & Montauk

Summer may be winding down, (boooo) but if you have a free weekend (a WHAT?!) and you get an early start, you can pack a whole lot of summer fun into ONE day trip. Nothing says Summer like a day at the beach, and the ultimate beach experience in the NY area? The Hamptons!

It's quite a ride from NYC, but there are a few stops along the way that will make the beach day even better. You know those amazing crunchy chocolate chip cookies we see in every Duane Reade? Tate's Bakeshop? The source of this deliciousness is right in the middle of Southampton! 1/2 mile from the train station, just off the main road. A quick detour (or not!) they offer varieties of cookies that don't make it to the shops, as well as cakes, cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches! You can stock up on treats to bring back for anyone who couldn't join you. No one can be mad at someone bearing cookies right?!

If you continue east into Montauk, the town centre is a mini vacay spot all it's own. Offering shopping, a tiny public beach that's off the beaten path, (we saw a bunny crossing from the park to the beach!!) a brew-pub, and tons of places to grab a bite, fresh seafood of course being prevalent, but my hands down favourite spot is La Brisa. A mexican restaurant with a laid back atmosphere and LOTS of outdoor seating. (if you stop in, I definitely recommend the corn esquites. it's SO good, that sometimes, we get it to go and eat in the car on the way home!) 

But the crown and glory of the east end, is of course The Montauk Lighthouse. If you're a fan of How I Met Your Mother or The Affair, you might have seen it on TV, but those shots can't do it justice. I just missed the sunset, so even my pics don't capture the majesty of it! If you can get there between 10:30 and 5pm (weather permitting) you can not only walk the grounds, including the boulder path around the tip of the island, but for $10 per adult, you can climb the 137 iron steps to the top of the tower and get an amazing 360 degree view of NY like you've never seen before!

There is so much to do out east that you may be glad there are so many beachfront inns, your day trip might turn into a spontaneous weekend!  If you can get some pals together and carpool, hop the Long Island Railroad, or the Hampton Jitney, however you travel, set aside a day to visit The Hamptons & Montauk before it gets too cold to lounge on the beach!

Post by Coleen Phoenixx

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