Adventures in the Life of a Working Artist with ADHD

So of course I've had 6 weeks to write "Adventures In The Life Of A Working Artist With ADHD," but I am starting at 11:57 AM on the day my blog post is due.  I've been up since about 6:30 AM, thinking about the blog, for about as long as my unmedicated brain can hold onto a thought. 

Then I thought breakfast!  I have left over bread and cheese from Murry's Cheese Shop on Bleeker St. 

To toast or not to toast?  Interesting decision, since I had nothing else to think about. I thought about the pros and cons of toasting day old bakery bread for a half hour or so.  Eating it cold from the fridge would be faster, but not as delicious.  I decided to toast. 

While waiting for the toaster to ping, I catch up with "Tiny House Hunters" in Kentucky, California, Massachusetts, and Seattle, an HGTV,  program I find pertinent to my life.   Who knows when I might need to move to one of those places?  The shows roll into each other without me noticing the change.  Ah, what is that buzzing?  The toast!! 

Now, NYS cheddar, butter, or sharp English cheddar?  I can't decide, I'll eat all three. 

I butter the hot toast and let the butter melt, add the cheese and let it soften.  Things like this must be done right!  Its a good why to spend my morning. 

Wait!  There's something I need to do! 

I should call my friend Marcella, she's usually home.  Drat!  Not today. 

My mom!  She's home and good for at least an hour on the phone. 

"Tiny House Hunters" is now in San Diego.  I always wanted to live in LA, maybe I could get some insights that could help me decide where I might want to live, if I ever wanted to give up my rent stabilized apartment in the West Village.  I talk to my mother about maybe moving to Austin, Texas.  Then my mother actually has to go out. 

My phone rings!  Thank god!  "Hello, yes this is Stacey Miller.  You want to know about the BBC Fine Art and Fine Craft Fair, sure, this is a great time to talk, what would you like to know?"  Our conversation goes a little like this:

"You have dyslexia, I have ADHD! "You think a lot of artists have these?"  "I don't know, maybe, makes sense to me."  "I've had my artists report they make between 800.00 and 4,000.00 for the day, it just depends."  "Its all about the weather"  "I cant put you on the map until you pay your booth fee and send me the receipt." Oh, she says, I didn't follow the directions."  "I understand, I usually don't either. See you at the show!" 

Its 12:53 PM, I've been writing through the shows, but now "The Young and The Restless" has been on for a while.  Victor Newman is in jail, and he's very indignant about it, even though I'm pretty sure he did it, what ever it is.  Victoria is mad at Billy, he's drinking and really sorry about something or other.   Commercials over, I'll be right back.  Promise? 


I am Stacey Miller. I am a jewelry designer, silversmith, painter, writer, and improv performer.  I have ADHD, which is attention deficit hyperactive disorder.  This means I have trouble focusing and following through.  Hyperactive behavior in children becomes thrill seeking behavior in adults.  I was not diagnosed until last year; I am middle age.  So if any of you have symptoms don't think you're too old.  My company name is Stacey Miller Unlimited.