Etsy NY Travels: Arizona

Spring has taken a long time coming this year in New York, so it felt wonderful to recently take a quick trip to Arizona, warming my winter-chilled bones and recharging my mental and creative batteries.  Any vacation, even a day away from normal routine, is a wonderful way to get inspiration to make your work and art better.  I have been visiting the Southwest, and Arizona in particular, since I was little. The hills and canyons, distant mountains, and the regal, looming cacti provide a great contrast to Manhattan, and the landscape reminds me to appreciate the vastness and variety of America.  Travel, even a quick jaunt for a long weekend away, always helps me recharge my creative batteries.  I find the culture of the Southwest particularly inspiring.  The architecture, art, and even the food all remind me to add some color and spice to what Iā€™m creating.

I was lucky enough to visit during the weekend of the Heard Museum Indian Fair.  The Heard Museum, in Phoenix, has a wonderful collection of Native American art, and during the Fair, Native American artisans display their gorgeous wares.  Micro-inlay jewelry, epic seed bead accessories, intricately woven rugs and more beautifully continue and revitalize long-held traditions.  As it is also an annual meeting time, traditional dances are performed and stories are told.  This is Cricket, and her coat was breathtaking:

I absolutely love cacti. I have a few in my apartment in New York, but they can't compare to these gorgeous purple beauties I spotted in Scottsdale.

The Phoenix Flea, a flea and craft show that's put on in Phoenix a few times a year, was also during my visit!  It was awesome to meet vendors from Arizona and the west coast, including a few I have followed on Etsy and Instagram for some time. (PS I bought this vintage dress from Etsy before my trip!)

In New York, I don't get to go horseback riding very often.  Getting to ride among the amazing saguaros was a real treat!

The Rare Earth Gallery in Cave Creek is incredible - like a museum for geode and crystal lovers.  They have geodes big enough to walk through, and rocks of the likes I've never seen.  It's such a fun experience to walk through the shop.


And that was my trip to Arizona! I love returning to these beloved places and experiences, and discovering new ones each year as well.

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