But First . . . . C O F F E E   : )

I think its safe to say that most of us start our day with a morning ritual of sorts. For me that is usually a trip to the kitchen for a fresh glass of water & to get the kettle going for my morning tea or coffee. First things First !! If you are anything like me you need that morning cup of whatever your secret potion is to kick start your day. About 54% of americans over the age of 18 drink coffee everyday, 65% of that consumption takes place in the early morning breakfast hours. And did you know that about 4 billion is spent each year importing coffee to the US !! So yeah I'm guessing I'm not alone in my love for the worlds largest commodity.  

I am very much into fitness & I love learning about nutrition & how to better care for my body. So when I first caught wind of this miracle coffee concoction I was super eager to give it a try. Bulletproof Coffee is also referred to as upgraded black coffee that is blended with superfood ghee & brain octane oil, similar to coconut oil. Popularized by Dave Asprey bulletproof is said to boost cognitive function, support your hormonal system & promote healthy weight loss.  Sounds good to me ! Here is how I prepare my bulletproof coffee. 

I start with organic fair trade beans from the Porto Rico Importing Co. located in Essex Market in the Lower East Side. They also have locations in Greenwich Village, The East Village & in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  But any high quality coffee beans will do. 

I use a Moka Pot for brewing my fresh ground beans.  Fill bottom chamber with cold water.

Pack collecting chamber with coffee.

Brew . . . .


Once Coffee is done brewing pour into a blender. Add one teaspoon of Ghee & Coconut Oil. 

I use this GHEE

And this Coconut Oil 


Enjoy sustained energy levels promoted by healthy fats in the creamiest, most delicious & highest octane cup of coffee.  

For more bulletproof recpies like this one be sure to visit me over at MozieMo.com 

Until Next time :) 

-X O X O 

Rachel Leigh