NewNew New Year's Resolutions

Happy 2012!

So, it's a new year. Time to turn the page and look ahead. What do you want to start, finish, do, get, or be more of or less of in the coming 12 months?

A few brave NewNewers shared their resolutions with the rest of us. Here's what they said.

After she rearranges her studio to improve efficiency (i.e., not having to look for tools and having materials all in one spot), May of TakeMeHomeware resolves to fine-tune her production cycle, which means giving herself more time to make the work.

Jenny of J. Topolski reolves to start wax-carving, which will enable her to make smaller, less expensive versions of her statement necklaces, and to offer more expensive sized rings instead of just adjustable bands. She also plans to start using Quickbooks accounting software, to grow her wholesale business, and to travel to art/craft shows in distant cities.

Nadine of HeartFelt4Kids also wants to refine her product line, to include more of what's selling, namely, vintage style children's clothing and accessories. She also plans to concentrate on getting great product pictures using models.

I personally don't typically make New Year's resolutions. Too much pressure, and I'm always trying to improve on something. At the same time, the start of a new year does present an opportunity to take stock and set goals, and to do so in good company. There's power in committing oneself to change as part of an annual public ritual that doing so privately on an ongoing basis doesn't. This may make the difference between wanting to do or change something and actually doing or changing it.

With that as my working hypothesis, I'm somewhat nervously going to break with tradition and make one teeny-tiny resolution this year. Inspired by May, I'm going to reorganize my workspace so that I don't have to move stuff around every time I need to get at something.

Wish me luck!

Until next time,

Purty Bird