Let's go an a {NewNew} Safari!

I was actually able to fulfill a decades-long dream this past May of going on a safari. It was, as you might expect, transcendent. For a nature and animal lover, what is better than being able to stare for hours at unbelievable landscapes and majestic wildlife? I am amazed by animals of all kinds, even pigeons and squirrels. Which is lucky for me. The big cats were by far my favorite. I'd have to say that my second favorite were the hyrax, which sounds like a chocolate sandwich cookie made by Dr. Suess, because they were just about the only animal I'd never heard of before. Plus, they are adorable. I hope that you have the chance to go on a safari. But until then, here are some animal goodies to tide you over.

To get us in the mood, let's adorn ourselves with Talisman'sStudios' Kenya Batik Hair Accessory:
BubbaandBoo's majestic lion. I cannot tell you how I felt looking at a lion. Let's just say I cried. She was so perfect.
At times we saw some bachelor elephants on their own, but mostly we would see family herds. And because elephants breed year-round, there was always a baby! Elephants are very social, as WindowsofAgate well knows:
Malathip's artwork highlights endangered creatures, such as the magnificent giraffe. I loved looking at the gorgeous rosettes - each different, like a snowflake.
It is pretty rare to see a rhino, but we did, crossing the road at daybreak. Man, that was cool! But you can see one right here, in AbsyntheJewelry's Glass Locket:
I am sorry to have to tell you, but hippos are actually rather disgusting. They fill up these watering holes, lay half on top of each other, crap everywhere including on each other, and then drink the crappy water. But we will forget all that when we see Felt It's adorable hippo.
I hope you enjoyed our little adventure today.

Until next time,