Tutorial Roundup

If you read my last post, you probably know all about Thing-a-Day already. Here's a quick recap: By joining the Thing-a-Day project you pledge to make a thing a day and showcase your project on the Thing-a-Day blog.

If you are planning on participating in the project and are trying to figure out what you could make, here are some tutorials courtesy of the busy bloggers from The {NewNew}

A cable knit purse by KnitKnit a.k.a. Nguyen:
Cable Knit Purse by Knitknit
You can find her tutorial her blog knitknitknits.blogspot.com here. According to the instructions, this pattern takes about 4 to 5 hours to finish.

If you like shiny things, maybe you want to try out this tutorial by Metalicious:
Leaf Earring by Metalicious
On her blog, Metalicious Jewelry she explains how to make these pretty leaf earrings.

If you want to visit my blog, Craftevolution, I will show you how to turn your favorite video game figure into a Perler bead piece of art here.
Pikachu by Groundsel
Of course there are lots of other tutorials on this blog just click the tutorial link on top.

Happy Creating!