Shop Etsy with Facebook

So last week I told you how you can get your last minute shopping done with Etsy's Shop Local feature. Today we will look at the Shop Etsy with Facebook tool. It gives you some interesting insights into your friends and family. To find this go to: Etsy -- Buy -- Find Gifts, or go directly to You'll see this page:

Next, click Choose A Facebook Friend. You'll get a list of your friends that looks something like this:

Click on your friend's name and on the bottom select Okay. Here we'll choose Frosty the Snowman:

This list is based on the things your friend has marked as likes and interests. So Frosty, for obvious reasons, is interested in wool scarves, wool hats, and pipes. Now that you have an idea of what you might get for him you can continue shopping by limiting the price you want to spend on a gift, or by clicking "See More" to find other items in that category. Oh, and why am I so obsessed with this topic? Because I'm a textbook last minute shopper!!!!