Workspace Wednesday: featuring ElleFBijoux

Welcome to another edition of Workspace Wednesdays when I take you on a tour of an artist's studio straight in the heart of New York City. 

Today we're touring the studio of ElleFBijoux, where owner Leslie creates lovely, sparkly jewels while looking out at the Chrysler Building.  She works at her dining room table across from her husband (who does french voiceovers and translation-- ooh la la). 

Well hello Leslie!  Lookin' gorgeous making your jewels..  and look at that sunlight coming through the window!!  Love the view!

Here are some of the trays of goodies she works with, picking the pieces that reflect her mood of the day.  When she's on a roll they don't have dinner at the table for weeks.

Because where will they fit the food with all these baubles on the table???

I took a tour of Leslie's Etsy shop and found some great glittery items that totally reflect the joy of this holiday season.  Take a look at this Art Deco Dazzler available for $80.00 in the ElleFBijoux Etsy shop:

Or how about this Fifth Avenue Necklace available for $80 in her Etsy shop.

Well that concludes today's tour, hope you had as much fun as I did.  Thanks Leslie for opening up your home and studio to us!

Happy holidays,
Stephanie Maslow-Blackman