Small Worlds, or How To Create a Snow Globe

To make some cash for the team, The {NewNew} came together to make snow globes that are being sold at the Treasure Chest, our boutique on Governors Island. If you would like to create a small world of your own, here are the instructions:


  • Glass jar with tight fitting lid
  • Pretty things (broken jewelry, small toys, beads)
  • Soda bottle cap or piece of baked polymer clay to elevate the contents
  • Water
  • Glitter
  • Trim to decorate the lid of the jar
  • Glue


Thoroughly clean the jar and the lid.

The lid will become the bottom of your snow globe.Glue the soda bottle cap in the middle of the inside of the lid to help elevate the contents.

Alternatively you can also shape a custom mound out of polymer clay, bake it and then glue your contents to it.

Assemble your pretties and glue them to the center mound. Be careful to leave enough of a rim to allow you to screw the lid back onto the jar. The mound cannot become too high, otherwise the whole "sculpture" won't fit inside the jar.

Once the glue is completely dry (overnight), fill the jar with distilled water or cooled off boiled water. You can also a drop of glycerin to the water to help suspend the glitter for a little longer.

Add the glitter. You really don't need that much. A quarter to half a teaspoon will do. I know the temptation to add more bling is huge.

Add a substantial amount of glue to the inner side of the lid.

Screw the lid onto the jar and wait for the glue to cure (overnight).

Decorate the side of the lid with trim.

That's it!

Here are some pictures of the snow globes available on Governors Island. I'm sure you'll find similar trinkets in your drawers that you can use for your own globes.