The {NewNew} is a group comprised of multi-talented artists and craftspeople from the New York area. All of the handmade products made by team members are unique and original: just like their creators!! Here are some fun facts about some of Etsy's best shop owners.

This team member likes biscuits, bunnies, really fat pugs, dark chocolate, peppermint tea, burlesque dancers, ballerinas, funfetti cupcakes,and paper stores. Who can it be? Say hello to....

Little Bunny and her handmade greeting cards.

This team member conceived of her business during the NYC blackout. She explains: "When the power died, so did my artificial construct of reality: I had no food, no water, no money, no way to attain any, and no way to escape the situation. Let’s say it was a clarifying moment. I realized I had absolutely no idea how to take care of myself without my giant urban pacifier. So, I decided to make a change. I moved to bucolic upstate New York, where I lose power almost daily, hardly ever see my friends, and am still afraid of the dark. But it’s better now. Now I get it. Now I’m tapped back into the cycle of life. And now, I can take care of myself without a deli across the street." Meet....

McFlashpants and her beautiful handmade jewelry.

This team member owns a decorative painting company and is also a fine art photographer who likes to use pinhole and toy cameras. Say Hola to...

MonikaMarks and her amazing pencil cups!

This team member's shop is named after a subway line. She describes her day like this: "6:30 pm. On the (C) line towards Brooklyn. Tired. Waited 15 minutes on the platform before the train came. On my way home after another typical day at work.
8:00 pm. I've changed into comfortable clothes. My eyes have unglazed. I'm surrounded by piles of bright satin cord. My watercolor paints and horsehair brushes are laid out before me. Images of intricate knots, mountains and flowers, are shimmering in my mind. I feel energized -- this is what I crave. This is my creative outlet. C Line Creations has become my escape."

Say Howdy to CLineCreations and her awesome accessories.

Which team member likes to call "heads" or "tails?" She says : "I've always made decisions by flipping a coin. It's how I picked my college when I couldn't decide between two. I think coins imbue jewelry with an element of chance and luck."

Meet WabisabiBrooklyn and view her lovely handmade jewelry.

Where can you find more fun facts about the artist who make the beautiful handcrafted items found on Etsy? Each individual shop has a shop profile, where you can read about an artist's process or experience. Part of the joy of buying one of a kind items is knowing a bit about the person who made them.

The {NewNew} is a great team. If you would like to join, our membership opens THIS MONTH. Please contact thenewnewny (at) g mail dot com for more information on joining.