Spring into green!

Being a responsible consumer by reducing, reusing and recycling is very important to me (both as a consumer and a designer) because it's so important to our environment. Every little bit we can do to help our planet goes a long way. There are infinite easy and creative ways to work towards being green, so if you haven't already - go ahead and take the first step!

Springtime....perhaps the most appropriate time of year to overhaul your cleaning supplies and begin cleaning the eco way! It will promote a healthier surrounding in your home and is less detrimental to the environment...how can you say no to that?

* * * Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips & Tricks * * *

Use only household cleaners that do not contain toxic or harsh chemicals:
Sorry bleach, but you've got to go! Choose earth friendly cleaning products such as those that are plant-based, have naturally derived ingredients and do not contain harsh chemicals. Avoid products that contain chlorine, phosphates, artificial fragrance and dyes.
Choose laundry detergents that are phosphate-free, non-toxic and biodegradable:
If the ingredient list reads like a science experiment, or alternately lists vague names like 'stabilizers' or 'cleaning agents', chances are it's not eco-friendly. Harsh detergents not only irritate sensitive skin and leave toxic residues, they affect the natural balance of our eco-systems as they don't biodegrade easily.

You won't go wrong if you use handmade cleaning supplies like these...you might even be happy to do your laundry next time!!

Switch to re-usable natural fiber towels and cleaning cloths instead of using paper products:
Score an eco-friendly double hitter when you switch from using paper towels to using natural fiber cloths and towels. Just think of the impact you can make by replacing paper towels with even only 2 hand towels and 2 cleaning cloths in your home!

Can't you see these beautiful handmade eco-friendly items in your home?

So you see, even with just a couple new eco-friendly habits to try you'll already be on your way to a happy, healthy home and do some extra good for the environment.

Reduce, reuse and recycle and shop handmade. Have an eco tip you'd like to share? We'd love to know just shoot us a comment.
And remember you can find {NewNew} eco products on Etsy using the keywords: newnewteam eco - you may be surprised by what you discover!

{New New} August Green

Every month has a shade and for August that shade is green. From the luscious green color of the grass in city parks to the overwhelming number of block parties and street closures, August is when NYC comes together to embrace and embody everything that is green. Whether you choose to celebrate this August by living green, eating green, or shopping green the {New New} has got you covered. So get in the green spirit and check out the following collection of organic, green items handcrafted by individual members of the {New New}.

Tea and Cucumber Vegan Soap - made with all natural ingredients and packaged using eco-friendly materials by dirtylovesclean

Olive Green and Yellow Flower Print Pouch - made with material recycled from an old skirt by pandawithcookie

Green Peridot and Gold Ring - made with 100% recycled gold by luisfernando

Greeting Card. Organic. - made with 100% cotton rag Aurora Natural cardstock by studiopetite

Organic Cotton Baby Booties - made with 100% organic cotton yarn by smallestfriend

Cassandra Candlestick Necklace - made with materials from an old candlestick and decorated with live plants by mcflashpants

-by Karla

Eco-Conscious Wedding Paper Product Alternative Ideas (that's a mouthful!)

My husband + I wanted a beautifully and thoughtfully decorated wedding - but we also wanted it to be ecologically responsible, economically reasonable and also represent 'us' [tall glass to fill!] The first of many decisions began with our save-the-date. Yes, there are tons of adorable and clever options out there (magnets, cookies, candles, etc); but rather than create excessive waste, we determined that every single person on our invite list (save for 5 people over the age of 80) had an e-mail address. We therefore sent out an electronic fyi (which was a huge hit) also serving double duty requesting mailing addresses for the formal invitation.

Easy steps to e-mail save-the-date:
(1) Craft a message that is personal - reflecting you as a team.
Include the necessary information:
- date
- location
- hotel information (if you have it)
- website (if you are doing that)
- address information (if you need it)
(2) Attach a photo - everyone loves to see the couple in a funny state [fortunately for me, i've known my guy since we were 12] If anyone on your list is insistent on prehistoric methods, they can print out the attachment + affix to their refrigerator. Here is a blank version for you to use if you'd like :
Also, you are welcome to use this MARRIAGE header + footer I created to frame the text of the e-mail:
Next, invitations! If you do not feel comfortable with complete DIY invitations, waisze and fubabee both offer options in customization (color, font + wording choices among others) in their ETSY shops.

We wanted to explain the customs and traditions of our wedding, as well as highlight those participating. A very simple DIY solution (that doesn't involve bows, glue or much more than a paper cutter) is following this format:
(1) Chose 11x17 paper or card stock. Each sheet will yield 2 programs.
(2) Design your monogram or emblem, which will be placed on the far right. Make sure it is no wider than 1 inch. For example: Wedding of _____ & _____ with optional date and place - or just initials is also lovely.
(3) Design the text keeping in mind that you will be folding the paper 8 inches in from the left (therefore leave a gutter)
*Keep all of the above no taller than 5 inches from the top.
(4) Duplicate all of your top content directly below.
(5) Print / Copy just over half of the amount you anticipate needing.
(6) Cut every sheet in half lengthwise (hot dog - not hamburger) so that you are left with 2 pieces of 5.5 x 17
(7) Fold - not in half - but so that your names are visible on the right hand side.
This may seem simple, but really these are generally a throw-away (except for maybe your paternal grandmother) and super easy!

Cheers + Great Wishes!

- lisa