{New New} August Green

Every month has a shade and for August that shade is green. From the luscious green color of the grass in city parks to the overwhelming number of block parties and street closures, August is when NYC comes together to embrace and embody everything that is green. Whether you choose to celebrate this August by living green, eating green, or shopping green the {New New} has got you covered. So get in the green spirit and check out the following collection of organic, green items handcrafted by individual members of the {New New}.

Tea and Cucumber Vegan Soap - made with all natural ingredients and packaged using eco-friendly materials by dirtylovesclean

Olive Green and Yellow Flower Print Pouch - made with material recycled from an old skirt by pandawithcookie

Green Peridot and Gold Ring - made with 100% recycled gold by luisfernando

Greeting Card. Organic. - made with 100% cotton rag Aurora Natural cardstock by studiopetite

Organic Cotton Baby Booties - made with 100% organic cotton yarn by smallestfriend

Cassandra Candlestick Necklace - made with materials from an old candlestick and decorated with live plants by mcflashpants

-by Karla