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Handmade Gifts for Teachers

Only a couple more weeks before the 3rd Annual Holiday Handmade Cavalcade, and as you put together your shopping lists don't forget some of the most important people in your child's life... teachers! My daughter just started preschool this year, so I'm searching for some handmade gifts that will show her teachers how wonderful I think they are. Here are some things that I am eyeing...

Jody's beautiful lamp work creates wonderful swirls of color that is sure to please the most cheerful preschool teacher.

Teachers are experts at making something incredible out of recycled materials. How better to acknowledge their resourcefulness than this beautiful handbag made out of a tie?

Colony Collapse Read Bee Necklace by JTopolski
Science teachers are sure to love this colony collapse necklace, not only stylish but educational.

Vintage 1960s Dress Pattern by luckx4
This fun dress pattern is a perfect gift for that fashionable teacher.

We Move Mountains Print by VirginiaKraljevic
Remind your teacher of just how valuable they are with this original print.
Eco Friendly Hemp Blend and Leather Handle Tote Bag by SansMap
Give your teacher the gift of a sophisticated and practical bag! Perfect for toting around graded papers and lessons in style.

The gift ideas don't end there. For more ideas before the big shopping day, check out the vendor page of the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade website. You'll be inspired!


Gift Giving from 2010

I'm not one to brag. It has been ingrained in my brain from my Chinese ancestry that bragging is off limits. But in this case, I just can't help myself.

My one bragging allowance is that I am an excellent gift giver. And this Christmas, I gave some awesome gifts. Thankfully, the gift giving was particularly easy this year given that the {NewNew} was in fine form, providing me with a great variety of amazing handmade goods to choose from.

The first gift I gave this season was a pair of beautifully made gold key cutout earrings from Lingua Nigra, which I gave to my best friend. You can see them peeking through as she snuggles with my daughter.

Every year I pick up a pack of notecards from Blue Stitch Books, which are great when writing thank you notes!

My dear friend from high school is now currently working on her dissertation at U.C. Berkeley, so I picked out this sweet print from Virginia Kraljevic, framed it, and mailed it off to her. It's now sitting on her desk so she can see it when she writes.

And for my dissertation-writing-friend's mom, I've been sending her these seasonal tea towels from Claudia Pearson all year and "winter" was the last one to complete her collection.

I sent a couple of these lavender soaps from Nordea Soaperie to my godmother, who absolutely loves this scent!

And for a few of my friends and my sister-in-law, I picked out an assortment of lovely earrings from Wish By Felicity.
And lastly, I always reward myself with a couple of gifts for myself for surviving the busy selling season. Every year at the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade I treat myself to one of Better Than Jam's gorgeous dresses.

And to top it off, I purchased a beautifully sewn hat from Rocks and Salt. (And my daughter is wearing a Rocks and Salt hat that I purchased from them about five years ago! She loves it!)

I'm looking forward to 2011 as I become acquainted with new designers and their products, so I can get ideas for the next holiday season!


Holiday Gift Guide from the {NewNew}

Nothing says happyholidays-happybirthday-happyhanukkah-merrychristmas-happynewyear-iloveyou like a good, old fashioned piece of paper. Somehow, now matter how hard you try, the absurd graphics of e-cards, the strange language of texting, or an update on Facebook doesn't cut it when you're trying to make an impression. This year at the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade at OpenHOUSE Gallery in Nolita, New York, over forty designers will be selling perfect gifts for every occasion. In particular, the artisans doing their work on paper are exceptional. Be sure to come on by on Sunday, December 5th to see these beautiful paper products for yourself!

More fantastic products will be available at the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade, so keep checking back between now and December 5th for more product and artisan features!


Holiday Gift Guide from the {NewNew}

As our mailboxes get inundated with all sorts of circulars and holiday catalogues, you might be concerned that your only options for gift giving include a deviled egg plate with painted holly on it or a plastic napkin holder. For a truly special, unique gifts, you cannot go wrong if you shop with the {NewNew}. And for the third year in a row, you can see your favorite New York City artisans in person at the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade!

This year we'll be at Open House Gallery in Nolita. The selection of wonderful handmade goodies has never been better! Here are some teasers to whet your appetite...

Happy holiday shopping!


Where to Find the {NewNew} December 5 + 6

The big event this weekend, which we have all been waiting for, is the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade! With over 50 Metro New York artists, designers, and crafters bringing their handmade creations together for this one-day shopping event, this year promises to be even more fun and exciting than the last. Be sure to enter our free raffle for a chance to win some creations from participating vendors, packed up in hand-embellished tote bags. Raffle tickets are free with each purchase, so the more you shop, the more chances you have to win.... So join us for some holiday cheer in our handmade shopping wonderland. Spread the word, tell your friends, and we'll see you there!
Location: Openhouse Gallery, 201 Mulberry Street. Saturday, 11am-8pm.

In addition to the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade tomorrow, you can find the {NewNew} at the following venues throughout the city:

WabisabiBrooklyn is back at the Brooklyn Indie Market both Saturday and Sunday. Stop by this friendly Carroll Gardens stomping ground and check out many amazing emerging designers!
Location: Red and white tent at Smith and Carroll Streets, Brooklyn. Saturday & Sunday, 11am - 7pm.

The annual BUST Holiday Craftacular is back again! It's an all day shopping and music extravaganza featuring the nation's hottest DIY talent. Over 200 crafty vendors will be present, including {NewNew} artisans Pulpsushi, BeaconBookmarks, Cakehouse, Nordea Soaperie, The Hand of Fatima, Charlie And Sarah, Wabisabi Brooklyn, Blue Stitch Books, Stereoette, Jantar.
Location: Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street, NYC. Sunday, 10am - 7:30pm.

MayLuk will be selling her beautiful ceramic wares at The (Makers) Market at the (OA) Can Factory in Gowanus, Brooklyn this Sunday. Check out this bi-monthly market for great handmade finds.
Location: 232 Third Street at Third Avenue in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Sunday, 11am - 6pm.

See you at the Cavalcade!


Where to Find the {NewNew} November 27-30

Post Thanksgiving Day brings us to the busiest shopping season of the year... and the {NewNew} is making it super simple this weekend to buy gifts without the hassle of Black Friday crowds! Join us today until Monday where some {NewNew} artists are offering 10% and more off all merchandise. Just go onto and in the search tool bar enter newnewteam, etsyholidaysale to see the best handmade products the New York metro area has to offer.

To whet your appetite... check out some of the shops below who are a part of the holiday sale!

Silver Ring and Pearl Necklace by Wish by Felicity

String Theory Tea Light Cover by warpeDesign

Gray GrabItnGo Recycled Sweater Bag by Groundsel

Grey 3/4 Sleeve Womens Shirt with Silkscreened Pinwheels by Kimmchi

JOY by altonweekes

For in-person shopping, visit some {NewNew}ers at the Bowery Bazaar at 351 Bowery in Manhattan.


Friday 27th from 12pm to 10pm, Wabisabi Brooklyn and PurtyBird

Saturday November 28th from 12pm to 9pm, PurtyBird and Loella Medina

Sunday November 29th from 12pm to 6pm, Claudia Pearson and Loella Medina

Happy Holiday Shopping!


Holidays in NYC - Time Out New York

Time Out New York has released their 2009 Holiday Gift Guide and have highlighted some independent sellers within the city. There are a few members of the {NewNew} selected to represent their respected borough.
Journalistic Tendencies


Dirty Loves Clean
May Luk Ceramics

The Bronx


Marilyn ~

Decorating Gift Boxes with Vintage Holiday Seals and Beautiful Paper

Vintage Xmas Seal Box
I am a collector of many things. I always have been. Oddly however, I have these fantasies of living in a minimalist home or at least an impeccably neat one. To make matters worse, for the longest time I was also a hoarder. I would hold on to all of these little odds and ends because I liked them. Fortunately, with my new Etsy shop, The Craftarium, I am finally thinning out at least two of my collections - vintage holiday seals and pretty paper.

During the Thanksgiving weekend, I wanted to offer a holiday promotion, so I offered free shipping and unique gift packaging. I decided to collage each box with decorative papers, cut-outs, and shop labels. As I sorted through my collection of "collage-able items" (one of many collections) I found a babyfood jar filled vintage holiday seals that I picked up in 1998. Jackpot! The seals date from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.

Vintage Xmas Seal Box Vintage Xmas Seal Box Vintage Xmas Seal Box Vintage Xmas Seal Box

With a glue stick and scissors I got to work and whipped out a bunch of boxes pretty quickly. My customers on Etsy and at my trunk show really seem to like being able to give their handmade gifts in a unique, hand-decorated gift boxes.

Although I picked up my seals a decade ago, you can find vintage holiday seals on Etsy, by searching under "Vintage: tags and titles" for "christmas seals."

If you do not have stacks of pretty paper lying about, check your recycling bin, your junk mail, old books (not valuable ones!), wrapping paper stash, piano bench, or really anyplace you keep paper that you are willing to cut up. All of those Christmas catalogs that spill out of your mailbox lately are filled with seasonal images - all yours ripe for the slicing.

Then pull out your scissors and gluestick and go to town. When finished you will have festive gift boxes as unique as you and your gifts are.

Although my holiday promotion is over, I am extending it for fans of The {NewNew} blog. If you order from my Etsy shop, The Craftarium, between Tuesday, December 9 and Friday, December 12 I will waive shipping fees and include a gift box for each item ordered (while supplies last.) Just add "newnewblog" in the message to seller during checkout.

Happy Holidays!

Come join us today at the Knitting Factory!

After all the planning and coordinating the day has finally come! Over 30 different multi-talented souls got together and to create this epic event, setting the stage for what will be an ongoing trend towards shopping local and handmade for the holidays. 

We think this is the central focus of why we are doing what we are doing.  Yes, it is a shopping event. But it means so much more. 

By buying handmade, you are countering the direct consequences of mass production, which has a negative effect on our neighborhoods. 

Events like the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade will only help spread the belief that shopping local and handmade is one way to save our community. Supporting local artisans is about helping out neighbors and keeping the city vibrant. 

And organizing this event is no small feat. This group is all about getting involved to develop one another's creative and business potential. Today when you visit us at the Knitting Factory, you'll see the fruits of all that hard work, both on the business side and on the creative side. Each and every single item for sale has been created by the artists themselves. 

So please come join us for our inaugural holiday event. There will be music and martinis, cupcakes and creative gifts for sale. And if you're feeling generous, you may want to donate to the good folks at NOCC, just by getting your gifts wrapped. 

We hope that you will take part in what will be a festive and fun day for all, and we truly look forward to seeing you there!

The goody bags are stuffed and ready to go

Nine Cakes' bite-sized goodies are not to be missed!