5 Easy Halloween DIY Décor Ideas

It’s Halloween – the first fall festival that kicks off the holiday season!  I have to admit, I’m not a fan of dressing up in costume but what I love most about Halloween is the CANDY and the outlandish and dramatic décor that people decorate their yards and homes with!

Living in a small space makes it more challenging to participate in the over the top decor.  But don’t let that stop you from celebrating and enjoying the fun!  

Here is a list of some of my favorite small-space-friendly DIY Halloween décor ideas for you to try:

1. Paper Lanterns with Spooky Shapes

Halloween Decor Ideas
Halloween Decor Ideas
Halloween decor ideas
Halloween decor ideas
Halloween decor ideas
Halloween decor ideas
Halloween decor ideas
Halloween decor ideas
Halloween decor ideas
Halloween decor ideas

For more halloween decor ideas, pop on over to my Pinterest board:  Halloween Decor

What tricks and treats do you have planned this season?  Share in the comments below!

by: Rekha Krishnamurthi

Halloween DIY Style

Halloween is just right around the corner! I'm throwing a Halloween party at my new apartment, so I've been searching for inspiration for party decorations. With these great DIY ideas, you really don't have to spend a ton of money to throw a spooky/awesome Halloween party!

By Nnenna of star-crossed smile

Getting into the Halloween Spirit

Now that it's October, it's officially ok to start getting into the Halloween spirit! Take a look at all the awesome halloween-themed items created by members of the Etsy NY team!

Halloween Hedgehog // Halloween Skull n' Spider // Skeleton Necktie // Black Cat Hoop Art

I haven't yet decided whether or not I'm going to dress up for Halloween. However, I'm moving soon and my roommate and I might throw a Halloween-themed housewarming party, in which case we would go all out with our decor and costumes! And of course, there would be lots of Halloween treats, especially candy corn- my favorite Halloween candy!

Tell me: Are you planning to dress up for Halloween or are you decorating your home for Halloween? 

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How to Carve a Pumpkin in 30 Minutes.

Eek!  Halloween is this weekend!  And if you've waited to the last minute (like me) to either make some plans and/or make your home Halloween-ready, you've come to the right place.
So I'm going to give you a little tutorial of pumpkin carving today using standard items found in your kitchen.  Yes, there are fancy alternatives to pumpkin carving tools, but I always thought the ol' kitchen knife works best.  Also, Buggles the cat will be joining us today -- she's not only my pumpkin muse, but my regular crafting sidekick.

1.  Buy Your Pumpkin.  Quickest solution -- your neighborhood supermarket.  Choose one that is at least the size of a basketball (otherwise it gets kinda hard to carve).

2.  Gather your materials and clear a space to work.  I like to use my least expensive knife to work with -- sometimes the point will bend when cutting so try not to use your super duper ultra favorite knife in case something happens to it.  Also, you may want to lay down some newspaper first (I did not do this and wish I had afterward).
You'll need the following:
kitchen shears (not shown in the image below)
a medium-sized bowl
spoon (optional)

**Kiddies, please note, you should not attempt this project without adult supervision.
3.  With your pencil, draw a circle around the top of your pumpkin and then cut all the way around.

4.  Remove the "guts" of your pumpkin.  I think using your hand is the easiest, but a spoon could be helpful, too.  Place your guts aside in your bowl.  (Your pumpkin seeds can be saved and used in many different ways -- from baking to crafting.)
5.  Make your template.  I made a quick sketch of my cat and then shaded in the areas that I plan to cut out of the pumpkin.  For beginners, I would stick with a very simple design.  Too may curves and lines will drive you crazy and take too long.  But keep in mind that you can carve just about any design onto your pumpkin -- not just your traditional scary faces. :-}

6.  Draw your design onto your pumpkin using your pencil.  (Pencil works well because your excess lines will wipe right off with a damp towel.)
7.  Begin to cut!  I like to carve my shape and then push the piece into the pumpkin.  After the piece has been removed, you can always go back to fine-tune the shape.
8.  Polish off the edges.  After your shapes are all cut out, you may notice that the holes still have strands of pumpkin.
What you will want to do is cut the from the inside of the pumpkin -- either with your knife or kitchen shears.  Snip all the excess pumpkin away.
9.  Voila!  You're done.  Well, almost.  For the final touch, you will want to add a candle inside.  I recommend either a tea light in a glass votive or one of those LED/battery operated tea lights so your pumpkin is fire safe.
Happy Halloween!  I hope you have a super holiday!

Trick or Treat,

Bats and Spiders with the {NewNew}

I love bats. I love their shapes. I love how millions of them can live in a cave and I love when they all come rushing out at night. But I hate spiders. Well, not hate exactly. I have arachnophobia, which means I have an unreasonable fear of spiders. Terror, actually. I have no idea why. I know they are amazing creatures. Fun fact: since I know it's an unreasonable fear, that makes it a phobia. If I really believed that spiders are dangerous, that would make it a delusion. So now you know something about me and learned psychology, too! So here are some wonderful renditions of spiders and bats courtesy of the talented artists and crafters of the {NewNew}.

Yummy vintage bat goodness on RueRenee's Spooky Bat Halloween Card

Charlotte has nothin' on the talented spider on Copabananas' Zipper Pouch!

Lipeony's batty felt pin is a bat anyone could love.

I think if all spiders had these cool curlicues like this note card from Designs by Aliza I would find them much less scary.

AmigurumiKingdom's crocheted bat has been voted (by me) Bat You Most Want to Cuddle.

Show your bat love with these Vampire Bat Earrings by AbbyHorowitzDesigns.

As Count Floyd would say, "ooooooo, scary, boys and girls."

As Lu would say, " I don't want no freakin' Skittles."


Crafts in Chelsea sneak peek-a-BOO

I  really love Halloween.  When I was a kid and the teacher would ask our class what our favorite holiday was, all the other kids would ooh and ahh about Christmas leaving me, alone, to be the defender of the Great Pumpkin and the most awesome of holidays, Halloween.  So of course, as I was browsing the shops of the artists and craftspeople participating in Crafts In Chelsea III I was excited to see items to make you go EEK!
A Scary Plant by PurtyBird $150
Orange Monster by PurtyBird $23

Five creepy eyeball flowers crane forward in a menacing stare.  I wonder what makes this garden grow?  To find out you'll need to stop by PurtyBird.  Perhaps the Orange Monster will let you in on its gardening secrets if you ask nicely.

Ghost Stories by Myzoetrope $8
Boo Scare byKudulah $15

Last years event drew record numbers and helped to fund arts programs for PS11.  You do not want to miss this event, get out of your mason jar and join the fun along with Kudulah and Myzoetrope.  Grab a friend and say hi to the folks at ApertureAgog and RawToastDesign.  Shop over 100 of the best local New York area artists and craftspeople vending their own unique jewelry, pottery, clothing, fine art and other handmade goods.     
Robot Pirate by
RawToastDesign $15
Purple Creatures Photo by
ApertureAgog $30
This event is run in conjunction with PS 11's annual Fall Festival – an indoor event that includes food, arts and crafts, games and more for New York City children.
Stop by and say hi to me and some
of my friends when you're at the show


Spooky Halloween Bat by Rue Renee
Halloween is almost upon us as the catalogs in my mail attest. Speaking of mail, it also consists mostly of junk mail. Wouldn't it be nice to get a real letter for a change?  If you are tired of finding only advertisements in your analog mailbox, join our first official Halloween card swap.

Pumpkin Card by Little Bunny

The Rules

If you want to participate, email me your mailing address at newnewcardswap at gmail dot com by October 7th. I will pair you up with two other swap partners by October 12th. It is then your responsibility to send each swap partner one Halloween card in time for the holiday. The card can be of your own creation, or you can buy a card and pop it in the mail. If all goes according to plan, you will receive 2 Halloween cards in the mail. When you sign up, let me know if you will ONLY mail something domestically.

If you sign up for this swap and then find out that you won't be able to participate after all, please let me know. It's better to figure out a workaround than to leave someone waiting by the mailbox hoping for a card that will never show up. (Having visions of Charlie Brown here.)

Let the swap begin!

From Ghoulies & Ghoosties

Halloween and The {NewNew}

"From Ghoulies and ghoosties, long leggety beasties and things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!"

I found this "Quaint Old Litany" in the opening of an ancient book I have called "The Magic Casement", an anthology of English fairy poetry and plays assembled by Alfred Noyes.

Well, The {NewNew} has plenty of ghoulies, ghoosties and long leggety beasties that we would love to deliver to you!

The Ghoulies:

The Ghoosties:
The Long Leggety Beasties:
The Things that go Bump in the Night:

DIY Halloween Costume - Potato Bug and Gingerbread Cookie

Trick or Treat! Would you dare open your door to two such nefarious characters? Take a second look at the smaller mug:

Well, don't let this delectable looking Gingerbread Cookie fool you. I used to call her "the Brute" back then. She was nearly kicked out of her Montessori school a year later and there are dents around the house from the ferocity of her tantrums.

This costume also proves that I always seem to have food on my mind. For my son's first Halloween, he was a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, which was rather ironic as he soon developed a bad peanut allergy. He used to go ring each doorbell and say, "Trick or Treat I can't have any candy with nuts or eggs." The conversations that ensued made for slow going on Halloween night. I made my daughter into a Gingerbread Cookie for her first Halloween, and showing she knew a good thing when she saw it, she asked to be a Cookie again for her second turn at trick or treating.

I used a store bought generic clown/bodysuit pattern, light brown heavy fleece, 4.5 yards of thick cream rickrack, 24" of pink satin ribbon, elastic for the wrists and ankles, velcro for the hood, a zipper for the back, and some deep purple fabric for the raisins. Follow the directions on the package but attach the rickrack before sewing front and back together. I made the raisins by taking a circle of fabric and just scrunching it into a wrinkly oval and sewing it together before attaching it to the costume.

I was so worried about my little morsel getting cold that I made this outfit as warm as a woolly coat. Of course my daughter had a metabolism like a furnace and she got rather sweaty inside it. But she looked good, and as she in her present incarnation would opine, that is all that matters.

Where's that can of Raid when you need it? We really thought our son would turn out to be an entomologist at this time, as there was nothing he loved so much as insects. So it was no surprise when he asked to be a potato bug for Halloween. I bought a black turtle neck at the consignment shop, and used material scraps I had already for the rest of the costume. I basically sewed a pillow in the oval shape of a potato bug, glued on strips of black for the stripes, and time always being short, simply pinned it to the back of his shirt. He was of course adamant that an insect had six legs, so I sewed two tubes of black fabric, stuffed them and pinned them to the back of his shirt as well. I also put a loop on the ends to slip over his wrists so he could wave all four arms at once. I attached some pipe cleaners to a headband for his antennae.

"This is good stuff. How 'bout we slip out and do a few more blocks while Mom's asleep?"

Happy Halloween!



Zombies Attack SOWA, NewNew Follows

On Sunday, October 25th, the {NewNew} is returning to Boston!
Get your costumes ready and join us at The Market of the Living Dead!
Get your dead on for the 6th Annual Vendor Costume Contest.
The event has become a BIG tradition at the SoWa Open Market
and they have gotten quite the reputation in the neighborhood.
This year's theme it's dead serious... seriously.

Zombies will be rising from their graves to sell their goods.
Come and join the vendors in their ghouliest, the bloodier the better.
If you don't come as a zombie, we guarantee you'll leave as one!

Look for {New New} vendor tents sporting blue banners
with the team logo throughout the market.