Bats and Spiders with the {NewNew}

I love bats. I love their shapes. I love how millions of them can live in a cave and I love when they all come rushing out at night. But I hate spiders. Well, not hate exactly. I have arachnophobia, which means I have an unreasonable fear of spiders. Terror, actually. I have no idea why. I know they are amazing creatures. Fun fact: since I know it's an unreasonable fear, that makes it a phobia. If I really believed that spiders are dangerous, that would make it a delusion. So now you know something about me and learned psychology, too! So here are some wonderful renditions of spiders and bats courtesy of the talented artists and crafters of the {NewNew}.

Yummy vintage bat goodness on RueRenee's Spooky Bat Halloween Card

Charlotte has nothin' on the talented spider on Copabananas' Zipper Pouch!

Lipeony's batty felt pin is a bat anyone could love.

I think if all spiders had these cool curlicues like this note card from Designs by Aliza I would find them much less scary.

AmigurumiKingdom's crocheted bat has been voted (by me) Bat You Most Want to Cuddle.

Show your bat love with these Vampire Bat Earrings by AbbyHorowitzDesigns.

As Count Floyd would say, "ooooooo, scary, boys and girls."

As Lu would say, " I don't want no freakin' Skittles."