Loman Art Bazaar

A Day with the Lisa Project & The Sticker Social Club 

From street art to street food living in New York gives an abundance of the two. If it's art you seek most of us just have to step out our front doors to see something vibrant & eye catching. Urban art can stop you in your tracks, there really are some masterpieces out in those streets. The Lisa project NYC brings diverse artist together to create Manhattan's only mural arts district. Starting in little Italy in 2012 they have since grown into a premiere public arts program reaching SoHo, Lower Eastside, East Village, Chinatown & Chelsea. The Sticker social club host events & drawing meet ups as a means for young, upcoming artist to gain exposure as well as meet & learn from other likeminded artist. The two recently came together for a fun filled day pop-up event featuring an outdoor street art gallery & artwork for sale from emerging & established artist.

Here are some photos from the event. 

Until next time friends. 

-Rachel leigh