Therapy Helps! - Adventures in the Life of a Working Artist with ADHD

Ah, when last we met I was alone with my ADHD.  Since then I started therapy.  My therapist sent me to a psychiatrist to get meds for my ADHD.  I was hoping for Albuteral or some other speedy drug that would make me clean up and lose weight without having to talk about my feelings or do any deep psychic investigations.  Oh well, I guess there is no free lunch.  The doc put me on Bupropion HCL XL.  It's a generic form of Welbutrin.  This drug was developed to help people quit smoking and cheer them up.  You have to take it for a long time for it to work for those things.  I take it Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  The doc said it would give me "a pop of energy" and help me focus.  Well, it's not speed but I have noticed some changes. 

Thus far, I have gone through almost every box, bag and drawer in my studio/living room.  I have put the pearls with the pearls with the pearls, the tourmaline with the tourmaline, etc, etc.  I have measured all the wire I have, labeled it, and put it into labeled drawers. I separated and sized all my sheet metal.  I dusted.  I found all the parts of the 3D machine I bought 3 years ago that my daughter never put together.  I separated my work stations.  Cleared all the surfaces.  Let in more light because I could get to my second window and open the blinds.                         

I have spent a lot of time doing this.  At this point, I really don't know if I feel anymore creative, but I can find the material I need to be creative.  Even with all this "improvement," I resent the fact that everyone thought "this was a great thing."     

I finally, after having the equipment for years, found my way through to my enameling stuff.  I really want to enamel.  I've read and reread three books about kiln fired enamel.  I've owned a custom made kiln for three years, but have never plugged it in.  I've become brain dead working on the line I've been selling for years.     

But, now, here I was ready.  I read the directions - "You must have ventilation, an open window with a fan."  There's a heat index of 110 degrees outside and I don't have enough electricity to run the air conditioner and the kiln!  I felt defeated.  And after all that cleaning! What to do? What to do?  Torch fire? Yes!!!!!!!!      

I had most of what I needed.  For what I didn't have I ran up to Allcraft and sat quietly while I painfully watched the woman who works there dig through piles of mess to find what I needed.  Anyone who's been there knows what I'm talking about. 

Back at the ranch, after watching a four minute video on YouTube I dove in.  I'm very satisfied.  Here's some of my new work.  I don't know if the therapist, the psychiatrist, and the mess are helping, but they're not hurting!

I am Stacey Miller. I am a jewelry designer, silversmith, painter, writer, and improv performer.  I have ADHD, which is attention deficit hyperactive disorder.  This means I have trouble focusing and following through.  Hyperactive behavior in children becomes thrill seeking behavior in adults.  I was not diagnosed until last year; I am middle age.  So if any of you have symptoms don't think you're too old.  My company name is Stacey Miller Unlimited.