Winter Soups

chicken cilantro soup

We have a few more weeks till Spring although mother nature is really teasing us.  Temperatures in New York have been 10 to 20 degrees above normal.  Then they take a nose dive into the teens. I woke up to a few inches of snow this morning which of course a freshly fallen snow is beautiful.  Either way, when the cold weather hits I really enjoy making soup!  I have been experimenting this season mostly with recipes from the website Food52.   One of the many things I like about this website is that I can save my recipes to folders that I name. It can be meat, vegetarian,  tomato based, seafood based, creamy or brothy.  

I usually tweek the recipe a bit so I can use up something in the fridge or to cater it more to my daughter (nothing spicy or hot).  Here are 3 of my favorite soups I have made this past winter.  All recipes are from which I then as I said adjusted a bit.

chicken cilantro soup

Chicken Cilantro Soup, this soup is made with a bunch of cilantro which I love! However the final outcome isn't heavy tasting with cilantro.  I also used 2 chicken breasts that I had instead of a full roasted chicken or chicken parts. Another addition was one red potato (to use it up before it goes bad) and a cup of garbanzo beans or chi chi beans, a Harper fave. 

photo by Judy Allen from Food52

Number two is Lasagna soup. Indulgent and tasty! Perfect for a cold winter day.  Once again I adjusted it.  I did not use regular sausage, instead I substituted turkey sausage.  Instead of fire roasted tomatoes I used regular canned diced tomatoes. And no lasagna noodles, I used whatever pasta I had on hand.  One side note, my husband, daughter, neighbors and their one year old son all loved this!

Number 3 is Minestrone.  The addition in this one was cheese tortellini.  I feel sometimes soup isn't a meal and I wanted this to be a Sunday meal.  After the soup is served I added a dollop of basil pesto and a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar to the top.  These really take it up a notch.  The balsamic vinegar my parents brought back from Italy (in the photo below) is thick and sweet.  I served the soup with kalamata olive rolls.  Quite tasty!

Happy Friday and happy cooking! Please share any winter favorite recipes you might have.

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