Color Thesaurus

What's the difference between sand, sandcastle, biscotti and hazlenut? If you are a creative person you most likely reference color on a daily basis.  Do you write a blog? Create colorways? Make up color names for a product you make? Do you have writer's block?

Pretty soon on the market you will be able to buy a color thesaurus. Why didn't I think of this!? Instead I used to  write all of the colors in a Microsoft Word doc and hang it on the wall at my desk.   Ingrid Sundberg, an illustrator, graphic designer and children's writer, has created such a document.   She originally created a blog post talking about this project.  She received so much feedback she now is creating a poster that will be available for sale.

You can truly define a color of whatever item you are making, selling, buying or painting!  Instead of a yellow wall you are painting a tuscan sun yellow. I currently am designing a new tiger orange apron color blocked with fuchsia pink.  Get ready to have some fun!

You can find out more by visiting Ms.Sundberg's site.  You can also sign up for notifications of when the color thesaurus will be available.

Happy Coloring!

Tracey Toole  |