Industrial Eye Candy

Old objects, given a new life in an unexpected context, can become works of art in themselves. Such is the aesthetic appeal of the interior of Chelsea Market, the converted biscuit factory in NYC's Meatpacking District. The common expression, "Everything old is new again," is taken to a whole other level here, where one finds large-scale re-purposing of an entire city block now known for its gourmet eateries. This photo essay aims to illustrate how the building's "rawness" has been re-created to preserve its industrial beauty. 

One of the most striking things about the interior is being surrounded by the historical remains of the building: original flooring, brick walls, exposed pipes.  Instead of covering over the old, the design of the main hall celebrates the past in a stripped down setting, revealing its old character and beauty. 

Fans of recycled industrial salvage will be delighted by how the remains of the factory’s industrial past have been repurposed: the unique fountain of old drill bits, the elevators framed in shiny brass lockboxes, the hammered copper walls, and assorted pipes which lend a steampunk feel to the atmosphere of the market. Be sure to take notice of these unique spots inside the market on your next visit!

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Nicoletta is a lifelong artist and art educator, with an M.A. in Art Education and Administration. She travels the world seeking cultural inspiration for her art, and has worked in fibers, acrylics, oils, and sculpture. Her current work is inspired by the reinvention of the mundane zipper, elevated to an art form into unexpected jewelry designs. Nicoletta’s artwork is shown throughout New York/New Jersey area and worldwide.