Kitchen Finds from your local Etsy Team

We are nearing the end of another season.  After the third heat wave  New York City has experienced, I think most people are ready to start the fall season.  A time to clean house, switch out wardrobes, harvesting time, pickling, apple picking, pumpkin picking and jam making.  You may realize you can use some new kitchen supplies.  

From titiluli, tea towels are such a great hostess or host gift.  This adorable tea towel with honey bees is perfect for the tea drinker or bee lover. 

from Vicki Finkel Ceramics

Perfect apple red color vase/pitcher  to complement your table or counter top from  Vicki Finkel Ceramics.  Raised bottom, handle and fired with a red and yellow glaze in a gas reduction kiln. 

Set of three bowls from Romi Ceramics to hold sauces, jewelry or any other precious little items you may have.  Cast in two colors and they nest in each other.  Perfect for those small kitchens where space is treasured.

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Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Tracey Toole