"MEET the ARTISAN" is a blog series that spotlights Etsy New York Team artisans and their craft. In this feature, we learn more about Cindy, the creator of Cynla

Q: What is Cynla? Can you briefly describe your business for us?

A: I draw and hand-letter illustrations for greeting cards and paper goods (including prints, notepads and stationery). My focus is well-designed, eco-friendly paper products that inspire happy living and de-stressing. My art is inspired by the beautiful Hudson Valley, the city streets of NYC and my experiences and travels.

Q: Some artisans develop their products to meet consumer needs, while others craft products based on things and/or experiences that inspire them. What is the inspiration behind your business?

A: Drawing relaxes me and reminds me of what is important in my life. My products are actually driven by this. Sitting down with a pen and pencil allows me to take a minute, breathe and de-stress. I want to create products that inspire people to do the same. A lot of times the ups and downs of owning a business balance this out a little, but when I go back to drawing, everything slows down a bit. I love feeling creative and inspired, and strive for this every day in my work.

Q: Oftentimes, each artisan has a different strategy and objective for their business. What are the next steps for you and your business?

A: I am working toward delving into other markets and collaborating with licensors and other companies. I would LOVE to start making fabric, wallpaper, oh and tins! I have a huge love of tins and a dream to design them. In the next couple years, I would like to make a ton of art and see them on more (eco-friendly) products. I love creating and am restructuring my business and my days at Cynla so that I have more time to do this. My strategy is to do more of what I love doing.

Q: Can you tell us some of the partners you have made? Retail stores where we can find your product?

A: I work with boutique shops (and one museum!) selling my paper goods wholesale. I'm proud to say Cynla greeting cards are in over 20 stores around the country. Recently, I collaborated with a store on a postcard promoting their terrarium-making workshop. It was a great project to work on and I would love to partner with more shops in this way.

Q: As many artisans look to grow and further develop their businesses, do you have some advice that you can share with fellow artisans?

A: Keep working at it. If you're starting to get overwhelmed, refocus. Easy to say, harder to do. Go back to drawing and creating and realize what inspired you to get you here in the first place. Get one thing done at a time and be kinder to yourself. Words I have to tell myself several times a day.

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