Father's Day Printable Cards

It’s almost here, Father’s Day is around the corner! We still have a few days to prepare and to make things easier, here’s a pair of lovely printable card designs. If you already have a card have no fears, this can be a project that your kids can enjoy and make it their own. So, all the do-it-yourselfers and unique seekers out there, get your cardstock ready and let’s get to work!

You’ll need:

* Letter size cardstock in your color of choice.

* Cutting tools (cutting knife, surface and metal ruler)

* Your trusty printer!

* My printable Father’s Day card design.

* Photographs or kid’s drawings (optional)

1. Use your chosen cardstock to print out the card design. Make sure you pick a color  that is not too dark so that the design is visible. Separate the two cards by carefully cutting  across the horizontal line, right on the middle of the paper. Fold the cards down the dotted vertical line. Now you have two cards and you can write a message in the inside or proceed to step 2 (optional)

2. There are 4 angled lines on the back of the cards. Carefully use you cutting knife to cut over those lines. Make sure you don’t cut all the way to the corner edges! The cuttings will hold any picture or drawing that you insert in the card measuring 3.5” X 5” approximately. 

Kids will love making special art for the card or helping you pick fun pictures to put in there. If the card is for a new dad, your can use non-toxic paint to stamp your baby’s hand (or foot!) in the insert. Whatever you do, they’ll enjoy being involved making something that dad will treasure.

Have fun and please share pictures of your cards!

Natasha K.

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