HEALTH & BEAUTY: Tips from Dads for a Perfect Father’s Day & on Staying Balanced

Junichi’s daughters show their love

What comes to mind when you think of Dad? We think of the person who cooked us a warm breakfast before we went off to school. We think of the person who walked us to the bus stop every morning. We think of the person who helped us move into our dorm on the first day of college.

Chef. Chaperone. Chauffeur. Dads wear many hats. Given all that they do, we reached out to some of our fabulous Dads to see how best they like to be recognized this coming Father’s Day. And, we asked how they balance work and family life and how they stay healthy.

Jess & his family do martial arts together

Our Dads say that staying healthy is a priority. Eating right and exercising regularly helps them stay fit and ready for everything (and more!) that comes their way. Balanced meals filled with plenty of vegetables and scheduling some workout time during the week are key. And, when it comes to balancing work and family life…we got a resounding “family first” response from our Dads. Having family meals and even working out together help to maintain a good balance.

And, Dads love gifts :). So, if you’re looking for some Father’s Day gifts, topping our Dads’ gift list is electronic gadgets. Books and gifts cards are greatly appreciated too.

Eugene B. & his son pose for the camera

Eugene B. & his son pose for the camera

What do Dads like to do on their special day? Pleeease let them sleep in. While they may not catch up on all the hours of sleep they’ve missed over the years, the extra snooze time will be cherished. And, another great Father’s Day activity is a date night. Yes…you heard it from them :). So, start the day having brunch with the family and then plan a special evening out.

So, from our Dads to yours, we hope this has given you some tips for planning another wonderful Father’s Day. Be well. Stay healthy. And, to all the Dads out there…have a fantastic time with your family!

** Our survey does not represent the opinions of all the cool Dads out there :).

** Photos courtesy of  J. Ariel Aggabao, Eugene Belitsky, Dwight Burrell,  Herb Chan, Omel Figeuroa, Jess Goldstein, Eugene Louie, & Junichi Maekawa