Pastel as a Trend?

DKNY from  Harpers Bazaar

DKNY from Harpers Bazaar

Minty green, sherbet orange, petal pink, perfect peach, apparently pastels are a trend for Spring 2014 fashion.  I have a question, aren't pastels a trend every year at this time?

If the above pastels aren't for you why not try mixing it up with some deep vibrant hues?  Pantone is forecasting for Spring 2014 pairing up a pastel with a vivid bright.

Pantone chart  showing their color of the year, radiant orchid.

Pantone chart showing their color of the year, radiant orchid.

Many people wonder can the art on the runway translate to wearable, every day clothing?

This last picture combines your vibrant pastels.  When I first saw this I thought it was a hankie, it was a thumbnail.  But once I clicked on it I realized it was a bathing suit. Duh.

Either way I loved the plaid!

Whether pastel is a trend or a get me out of this winter state mind, the colors this year are looking pretty nice!

Tracey  //