Visual Merchandising Tips

Two weeks ago, I attended a visual merchandising event organized by Damsels in Design, held at the Kate Spade Flagship store on Madison Avenue.  It was an informative evening, where Krissy Lipka, Visual Merchandise Manager provided us a ton of insight and valuable tips on the visual merchandising process.  Though her tips apply to an actual storefront, I feel these tips can easily translate to online shops as well.    

Here’s what she had to say:

  • To make your product attractive to customers make sure it pops! Choose a theme, color, style or certain aesthetic and stick with it. Keep it fresh and inviting.
  • Think like your customers. Know their behaviors, know what they need and present it in a clear way. Always be one step ahead of the customer.
  • Visual Merchandising is extremely different online than it is offline. To translate your product offering in both instances remain consistent--from your packaging to your website buttons everything should be "on" brand all the time.
  • Visual Merchandising is a multi-taskers dream. It is a very physical job and requires one to be on the floor, in the office, on the streets "window shopping" and online looking for inspiration.

Do you have any visual merchandising tips that you follow and implement for your online shop?  Please share in the comments below!

by: Rekha Krishnamurthi