To Be on Trend or To Buck the Trend, That is the Question

"A preacher and a pervert are the same man; both are consumed by the same thoughts, with one running to and one from." 

Trends. Some of us creative types define ourselves by running from them, some by running toward. Some of us decide they don't affect us at all and we go about doing what we think is entirely our own thing. Except that we aren't. No being is an island! Especially in this hyper connected world. The streets, online, print, shows - vibes are everywhere. So, since we can't avoid it, and some of us crazy Lookie Lous don't want to, I did a little research on the recent shows and collections, magazines and online, even checking out some interior design, to see what might be trending this year. At this point, I am honest with myself. I want to be me, I like what I like and what I gravitate to time and again is what makes my style of doing my style of doing, but I also need a push sometimes to make a new discovery. I have found that, for me at least, checking out the new trends, getting excited, making an attempt to incorporate it into what I'm doing, often results in an entirely new and interesting thing altogether! 

So maybe the next big thing doesn't have to be shunned, nor does it have to dictate. Maybe the larger zeitgeist can be used by the crafting artisan as a springboard for one's own growth and development. This way something truly new is created, everybody wins, and nobody has to be the priest or the pervert. In other words, there is a middle way. Basically, it's okay to take in the scenery, see what happens. Ha.

Keeping it simple, what I absorbed from all my Lookie Lou'ing was this:

Both in accessories and interiors, gold and brass, warms tones, are replacing the cool gray and silver metals of previous sleek, modern looks. Lots of chain in the jewelry, lots of antiques and replicas with those little classic "grandma" flourishes in the interior design. 

Depends on the grandma of course.

Along with this move toward warm metals, is a move toward classic "pretty" pieces in all areas, in both bright and dusty flattering colors, with pieces that also looked softer, in the sense of less structured. The accessories were still big and chunky, but this season they are dripping with fringe or are bent into naturalistic shapes, in new and interesting ways. 

As stated, home decor is feeling this pretty and classic vibe as well, but here it seemed to manifest itself with a move toward a feeling of ease - mid-tone, raw wood in natural shapes, plain strong classic colors such as emerald green or a greek island pure blue. Some rooms had high gloss softly lit looks, others had simple comforting tribal pieces for a pop of color. 

The only reoccurring counter to all this soft, pretty, classic and/or well chosen statement pieces and decor was black and white. Still fits into the classic and pretty category, but the high contrast and general geometric nature of all the current b & w accessories and home decor pieces conveyed a much sharper edge. There were a lot of cut outs and clear or see-through accents to keep it fresh.

So, there you have it. Pretty, easy, bold. That's my take for 2013. Take a look yourself. Plant a seed. See what grows!

Take care everybody.

Melissa / Prairiefunk